Farragut Public Shooting Range

Farragut Shooting Range is owned by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and managed in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
Range Features:
  • Fifty-Yard Range: 12 shooting points limited to handguns and rimfire rifles. The range accommodates 7-yard through 50-yard shooting distances.
  • 100-Yard Range: 12 shooting points limited to rifles and shotgun slugs. Normal shooting distances allowed are 50-yards through 100-yards. Shorter distances can be accommodated with permission and under direct supervision of a Range Safety Officer. Typically shorter distances are only allowed to ensure a new gun/scope is “hitting the paper” and then normal shooting distances are reinstated.
  • 200-Yard Range: 12 shooting points limited to rifles. Normal shooting distances allowed are 100-yards through 200-yards.
  • Recreational Shotgun: 4 shooting points with manually cocked mechanical throwers. Shot size at the Farragut Range is limited to #7.5, #8, and #9. Participants must supply their own clay targets.
  • Other Venues and Amenities: Few additional amenities are available at this time. Vault toilets are provided. Drinking water and hand cleaning towelettes are available for sale but no other water is available at the range. 3-D and K-D archery ranges are planned but not available at this time.

Reserved Use: The Farragut Public Shooting Range is supportive of hosting activities that enhance and strengthen the shooting sports. The range is available for reserved use to groups of 10 or more limited to 7 hours of shooting activity between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. any day of the year weather permitting. Clubs, shooting teams, sanctioned and informal competition events, gun safety and marksmanship training events, family reunions, scouting groups, church groups, and all others are welcome and encouraged to consider hosting a special event at the Farragut Shooting Range. Contact us for more information if your group is interested in reserving space at the range. Additional fees apply.



Farragut Public Shooting Range

Perimeter Road and Rifle Range Road
Athol, ID 83801