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F&G concludes investigation in Panhandle Region grizzly bear shooting

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Idaho Fish and Game recently released information about a grizzly bear mistaken for a black bear and killed on June 10 in Unit 6.

After concluding its investigation, Fish and Game officials found the hunter involved was hunting over a legal black bear bait site, and due to extenuating circumstances, no… more

Little Salmon River Update - June 18, 2024

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Hey Everyone. 

The Little Salmon River fishery picked up considerably over this last fishing interval. We estimated a very similar amount of effort this interval as compared to the previous interval, but catch rates improved to 7 hours per fish caught! As you can see in the table below, we estimated 325… more

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing Update 6/18/2024: Rapid River Run, Hells Canyon, and Clearwater River Fisheries

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Hi everybody.

It is time for my weekly spring Chinook Salmon update (June 18, 2024).  There is one more closure for this week – the entire lower Salmon River is now closed. Please read the Rapid River Run Fishery section below if this is an area you like to fish. 



Chinook fishing closes on portion of Lower Salmon River from Time Zone Bridge to Short's Creek

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The sport fishery for Chinook salmon on the Lower Salmon River from the Time Zone Bridge upstream to Short's Creek closed on June 17 close to protect Chinook salmon being collected for hatchery broodstock
in the South Fork Salmon and Upper Salmon rivers. 

Spring Chinook fishing continues on other… more

Growing food for people and fish in Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho

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Kokanee are the backbone of the incredible fisheries to which Lake Pend Oreille is home. They are also a staple on the dinner table for many folks.

To support the needs of fish and the desires of fisherman on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho Fish and Game staff spawn adult kokanee and then release fry from those… more

Black bears in the Wood River Valley find food reward from unsecured residential garbage cart

| idfg-tthompson

A black bear sow with two cubs has been getting access to unsecured residential garbage in the Greenhorn Gulch area in the Wood River Valley, causing concerns about them quickly becoming food conditioned. First reported on Saturday, June 15, a local homeowner reported many security camera alerts from bears hanging… more

Trapper education course planned July 20 in Salmon

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Idaho Fish and Game will host a trapper education course in Salmon on Saturday, July 20.  The course will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Fish and Game’s regional office at 99 Highway 93 North.

Advanced registration is required, and the class size will be limited. To register, go online to Fish and… more

Next Dworshak elk working group meeting set for June 20

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The purpose of the Dworshak Elk Working Group is to develop proposal ideas for the 2025-26 season setting. The proposals developed by the working group will be presented to the public. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will use this input to help set seasons into the future. 

The next working group meeting… more

You landed a lunker—now what? Here’s how to submit your big catch into the record books

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Take the common phrase for optimism, “plenty of fish in the seas,” apply it to lakes, reservoirs, streams, and creeks and—lo and behold—you get Idaho. There are indeed plenty of fish swimming around Idaho and hot on their tailfins, a contingent of die-hard anglers…especially this time of year.

Some of those… more

Grizzly bear mistakenly shot and killed by a hunter in Unit 6

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On June 10, a hunter shot and killed a subadult male grizzly bear he mistook for a black bear.

The bear was killed in unit 6 of Idaho’s Panhandle, an area not commonly used by grizzly bears. After identifying the bear at the scene as a grizzly, the hunter contacted Idaho Fish and Game and has cooperated with the… more

Vamos A Pescar! Fish and Game hosts fishing event at Freedom Park Pond in Burley

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Staff from the Magic Valley Region and Lee Family Radio will be hosting Vamos a Pescar, a free fishing event on Saturday, June 22, at Freedom Park Pond in Burley.

The event will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Spanish-speaking staff and volunteers will be assisting at this special event aimed at welcoming and… more

Summer Chinook seasons starts Thursday, June 20 on Upper Salmon and Lochsa rivers

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The Idaho Fish and Game Commission met via conference call and approved summer Chinook salmon seasons for the Upper Salmon and Lochsa rivers. The seasons will open Thursday, June 20 and remain open four days per week (Thursday-Sunday) on the Upper Salmon River and seven days per week on the Lochsa River until harvest… more

Little Salmon / South Fork Salmon Update: June 11, 2024

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Hey Everyone!

Here’s an update on the Rapid River Run and the South Fork Salmon River fisheries for this week. 

Rapid River Run

It was a fun weekend on the Little Salmon and in section 3 on the Lower Salmon! We estimated a total of 241 adults harvested in section 3 on the Lower Salmon, and 190… more

Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing Update 6/11/2024: Rapid River Run, Hells Canyon, and Clearwater River Fisheries

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Hi everybody.

It is time for my weekly spring Chinook Salmon update (June 11, 2024).  There is only one closure this week – the Clearwater River between Cherrylane Bridge and Orofino Bridge. Please read the Clearwater River Fishery section below if this is an area you like to fish. 


Island Park man shoots grizzly in defense-of-life

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On the night of June 6, an Island Park resident shot and killed a yearling male grizzly as it charged the man’s girlfriend in front of their home near Last Chance.

The man said he and his girlfriend were exiting their vehicle and heading into the house when she screamed, drawing his attention to a bear running… more

Chinook fishing closes on portion of Clearwater River from the Cherrylane Bridge to Orofino Bridge

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The sport fishery for Chinook salmon in the Clearwater River from Cherrylane Bridge to the Orofino Bridge closes on Friday, June 14 because the harvest objectives for that section of river have been met.

Spring Chinook fishing continues on other sections of the Clearwater, Snake, and Salmon river systems. To see… more

F&G Commission meeting via teleconference at 9 a.m. MDT on June 12

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The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet Wednesday, June 12 at 9 a.m. MDT via conference call. People can attend in person at Fish and Game’s Headquarters Office in Boise or any regional Fish and Game office to listen in. 

There will be no opportunity for public comment or questions during the meeting… more

Free Fishing Day and IDFG 125 Year Celebration in Salmon a Success

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Close to 50 youth participated in the 29th Annual Free Fishing Day Derby held Saturday, June 8 at Kid’s Creek Pond in Salmon.  The derby is held every June during Idaho's Free Fishing Day.