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Attention hunters: Controlled hunt results information posted on blue postcards is incorrect


Online results and emailed information contain correct information

Hunters who recently applied for 2024 big game controlled hunts - as well as some who did not apply - are receiving blue postcards with incorrect information that the hunter drew a tag (or tags) this year. The controlled hunt drawing results that are posted on hunters’ online profilesand that were emailed to hunters, have the correct information, but the blue postcards do not. 

Fish and Game securely provided a printing and distribution company sample data from a previous draw for the purposes of obtaining a printing cost quote, but the company prematurely sent postcards without Fish and Game approval or authorization. Idaho Fish and Game officials recognize this error has caused confusion and disappointment to our hunters, and they deeply regret that this occurred.

Fish and Game staff are committed to providing accurate, timely information. However, hunters can be assured the controlled hunt drawing was done correctly, and their information is secure. Fish and Game staff asks hunters to confirm their results online, or in their email, because that contains the correct results of the drawing. They are working to ensure this situation doesn’t occur in the future, but realize how disappointed and frustrated hunters who were mailed incorrect information will be.  

Hunters can confirm their results and purchase tags by logging into their online profile. Only valid tags from the draw will be available for purchase, and tags referenced on the incorrect postcards will not be available. 

Fish and Game will be sending out follow-up letters in July to hunters affected by this, which will contain the correct 2024 controlled hunt information along with an explanation of what occurred. Hunters are encouraged to watch their mail for these letters.