Public Use of Department Lands and Access Areas

The following text is Idaho Administrative Rule for the public use of Idaho Fish and Game Lands and Access Areas.

13.01.03 - Public Use of Lands Owned or Controlled by Idaho Fish and Game


Section 36-104(b) Idaho Code authorizes the Commission to adopt rules concerning the use of lands owned or controlled by the Department.


The title of this chapter for citation is IDAPA 13.01.03 "Public Use of Lands Owned or Controlled by the Department of Fish and Game." These rules govern use of lands owned or controlled by the Department.

002. - 009. (RESERVED)


  1. Aircraft. Any vehicle capable of use for transportation on or in the air and any unmanned aircraft system.
  2. Commercial Use. Any use or activity related to a business venture or for which a fee is charged or in which the primary purpose is the sale or barter of goods or services, regardless of whether the use or activity is intended to produce a profit.
  3. Lands Owned or Controlled by the Department. . Real property, owned or controlled by the Commission or Department, managed for public recreation or for the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of fish and wildlife.
  4. Designated Roads and Trails. All roads and trails posted as open or designated as open on Department public use maps.
  5. Safety Zone. A posted area established for the safety and protection of persons, equipment, structures, or livestock and where shooting within, across, or into the area is not permitted.
  6. Unattended. As it pertains to decoys, the absence of any person within one hundred (100) yards from any decoy for a period of more than on-half (1/2) hour.
  7. Watercraft. Any vessel capable of use for transportation on or in the water.

011. - 099. (RESERVED)

100. Public Use Restrictions.

01. Activities Not Allowed Without Authorization. Unless specifically authorized by the Commission, Director, Regional Supervisor, or designee, no person may:

  1. Enter, use or occupy lands or water when said lands are posted against such entry, use, or occupancy
  2. Camp or park a vehicle or trailer in any area posted against such use, or to leave unattended a camp, vehicle, or trailer for more than forty-eight (48) hours, or to camp or park a vehicle or trailer for more than ten (10) days during any thirty (30) day period on any one (1) Wildlife Management Area (WMA) or one (1) access site separate from a WMA.
  3. Operate any motorized vehicle, including over-snow use, except on designated roads and trails.
  4. Use watercraft on any waters posted against such use.
  5. Use any form of fireworks or explosives.
  6. Permit any dog or other domestic animal to run at large when not present to control or care for it, or to permit any dog to be off leash when posted against such use.
  7. Conduct a dog field trail of any type, except a dog field trial or dog training using artificially propagated game birds between August 1 and September 30 with Department authorization under IDAPA, "Rules Governing the Use of Dogs."
  8. Construct any blind, pit platform, or tree stand, where soil is disturbed or trees are cut or altered and fasteners, such as wire, rope, or nails are used: or to leave any portable manufactured blind or tree stand overnight.
  9. Adjust, open, close, tamper with, or manipulate in any manner, any diversion structure, headgate, flume, recorded or flow dock or any device for water control. This provision does not limit the powers of agencies or irrigation districts as provided by statue or rule.
  10. Shoot within, across, or into posted safety zones.
  11. Leave any decoy unattended or to place any decoy any earlier than two (2) hours before official shooting hours for waterfowl, or to leave any decoy at a hunting site later than two (2) hours after official shooting hours for waterfowl.
  12. Discharge any paintball guns
  13. Disturb or remove any soils, gravel or minerals.
  14. Turn domestic livestock into, or allow said animals to graze or trail on or across Department lands, except riding and pack animals may be used in association with recreational uses or as posted.
  15. Cut, dig, or remove any crops, trees, shrubs, grasses, forbs, logs, or fuel wood.
  16. Place, maintain, or store any beehives or bee boards.
  17. Use lands for any commercial purpose.
  18. Place a geocache.
  19. Use for group events of over fifteen (15) people.
  20. Land or launch aircraft except on public airstrips.
  21. Use or transport any hay, straw, or mulch that is not weed-free certified.

101. - 999. (RESERVED)

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