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Idaho Fish and Game

Bull elk killed near Kerr Lake in Boundary County

Two bull elk killed and left to waste near Kerr Lake in North Idaho


Fish and game asks for public to report information about illegal harvest and waste of two bull elk in the Panhandle

Idaho Fish and Game has received information about two bull elk that were killed and left to waste near Kerr Lake in Boundary County in the Panhandle Region. Fish and Game is requesting the public to report any information about the incident.

The investigating officer estimated the elk were killed sometime between the evening of April 30 and the morning of May 1 based on evidence observed.

Elk season is currently closed throughout the state, and the general, any-weapon season in the Panhandle doesn’t open until Oct. 10.

The elk were found in a private agricultural field near a county road.

Anyone who might have heard or seen something related to the incident is encouraged to contact Conservation Officer Nate Gattey at (208) 916-5902 or call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-(800) 632-5999.  Information can also be reported online, and callers can remain anonymous.  Information leading to charges being filed would be eligible for a reward from the program.

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Information about this incident can also be reported to the Panhandle Regional Office at (208) 769-1414.

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