Citizens Against Poaching - History

The Citizens Against Poaching (or CAP) program was started in December 1980, receiving its official charter in January, 1981. The organization was established by concerned individuals under the guidance of Idaho Fish and Game.

CAP is a nonprofit corporation with interested hunters and anglers from around the state serving as regional directors and officers. Fish and Game utilizes a 24/7 call service center, All West, which receives and records reports of violations through a toll-free telephone number, routes the information to conservation officers for investigation. Rewards are paid if the information supplied is sufficient for a citation or a warrant to be issued. A conviction is not necessary. Rewards are processed by Fish and Game and the amounts are $200 for birds, fish, and general violations, $300 for most big game animals and wild turkeys, and $600 for trophy species, such as sheep, goat, moose, and caribou.

During the 30 year history CAP has been an important link to catching poachers. Annually CAP receives 600 calls, which result in 150 citations issued and $20,000 paid in rewards. 

Concerned citizens who choose to “Make The Call” are instrumental in catching poachers stealing game and fish from Idaho’s citizens. The process is simple and direct, and you can remain anonymous. Dial 1-800-632-5999 to “Make The Call” today!

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