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Idaho Fish and Game


PotlatchDeltic implements changes to motorized travel management


PotlatchDeltic lands within the Large Tract Program continue to provide hunting, fishing, trapping and recreational opportunities

PotlatchDeltic will be implementing travel restrictions on their properties in Units 5, 6, 7, 8, 8A, 9, 10 and 10A;  effectively immediately. Recreational motorized access to this property is now restricted to designated open roads and trails, with all other roads closed to recreational motorized access.  These new restrictions are specific to PotlatchDeltic and do not affect Large Tract Program lands owned by North Idaho Timber Group and Idaho Department of Lands. 

The travel restrictions will continue to provide access on main routes for access into most areas and include some historic popular Off Road Vehicle (ORV) routes. It is important to note that ORV’s greater than 50” are not allowed on ORV trails.

These changes are in addition to motorized restrictions PotlatchDeltic initiated in fall of 2021 and non-motorized access to PotlatchDeltic parcels has not changed.

PotlatchDeltic access management strategy continues to provide access:

  • It is estimated that 95% of PotlatchDeltic lands will still be within 1 mile of an open road or ORV route.
  • PotlatchDeltic has approximately 620,000 acres open to outdoor recreation that are accessible by 930 miles of roads open to all vehicles and 688 miles of ORV (<50”) routes.

An interactive map of the travel restriction areas can be found here: Property Map (

These travel restrictions are being implemented by PotlatchDeltic to:

  • Decrease risk of wildfire
  • Limit resource, environmental, and infrastructure damage
  • Reduce road and trail maintenance needs and cost

PotlatchDeltic has made a tremendous effort to balance fire risks and environmental concerns with continued recreational access. Both PotlatchDeltic and Idaho Fish and Game recognize that these travel restrictions are a change in how people have historically used these lands. As the population continues to grow across Idaho, so does recreational use on public and private lands, including those participating in the Large Tracts Program.

It is important to remember that all Large Tracts properties are private lands. Idaho Fish and Game reminds users to respect motorized restrictions to ensure that public access continues on these private properties.

To keep these properties open and accessible to everyone requires that all users be respectful and adhere to the landowner’s needs and conditions to enter their lands.

Contact the Panhandle or Clearwater Regional office for more information on travel restrictions.