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Idaho Fish and Game


Interactive maps for Large Tract properties can now be found on the IDFG webpage


As you are planning  fall hunts, please remember that recreational motorized access to all Large Tracts properties is designated to open roads and trails, with all other roads closed to recreational motorized access. All roads are open at all times for non-motorized access.

Here are a couple of recent changes to the Large Tracts Program to highlight:

  • Printable PDF maps can be created here,
    • A how-to video can be found here,
  • PDF maps are still downloadable using Avenza,
  • Some mapping apps (such as OnX) show motorized restrictions areas by downloading the Large Tracts layer and
  • Bingo Creek Road closure is still in effect: 

Sportsmen and recreationists are encouraged to print or download offline maps in a mapping app and/or PDF's to Avenza before going afield to ensure all motorized restrictions are adhered to.

Motorized restrictions will continue to provide access on main routes into most areas and include some historic popular Off Road Vehicle routes. It is important to note that ORV’s greater than 50” are not allowed on ORV trails.

As a reminder, motorized restrictions are being implemented on Large Tract properties to:

  • Limit resource, environmental and infrastructure damage on private property
  • Reduce road and trail maintenance needs and cost
  • Ultimately ensure that the Large Tracts Program continues into the future

The Large Tracts program has made a tremendous effort to balance fire risks and environmental concerns with continued recreational access. Large Tracts property landowners and Idaho Fish and Game recognize that these motorized restrictions are a change in how people have historically used these lands. As the population continues to grow across Idaho, so does recreational use on public and private lands, including those participating in the Large Tracts Program.

It is important to remember that all Large Tracts properties are private lands.  Fish and Game reminds users to respect motorized restrictions to ensure that public access continues on these private lands. All properties enrolled in the Large Tracts Program have motorized restrictions and each company has their own set of rules to follow.

The Large Tracts Program provides sportsmen and recreationists access to nearly one million acres of private timber land in Idaho.

To keep these properties open and accessible to everyone requires that all users be respectful and adhere to the landowner’s needs and conditions to enter their lands.

Contact the  Panhandle or  Clearwater Regional office for more information on motorized restrictions. 

You can also follow the Panhandle Region Facebook page and the Clearwater Region Facebook page to get regular news and updates.