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Idaho Fish and Game


Hunting and fishing seasons continue with social distancing and travel guidelines


Idahoans can continue to recreate under Covid-19 restrictions, but they should take precautions and follow guidelines

Idaho Fish and Game has not closed any fishing or hunting seasons in response to Covid-19, and the department is providing guidelines in accordance with the Governor's orders for social distancing at least six feet apart, including while fishing and at access sites and boat ramps. 

“Fishing lends itself to social distancing,” Fish and Game  Fisheries Bureau Chief Jim Fredericks said. “In fact, for most types of fishing, general etiquette says if you’re fishing within six feet of the next person, you’re way too close.”

Lakes, reservoirs and streams are vast places where anglers can easily put space between themselves. During the statewide Covid-19 order, it’s extremely important that people recreating on the water make extra efforts to maintain social distancing at the access sites, boat ramps and in the parking lots.    

Anglers are advised to launch boats quickly, minimize dock time, maintain space between people, and don’t gather in crowds.  

“Please help ensure our boat ramps and other public access sites remain open,” Fredericks said. “Maintaining opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation will depend on people doing it safely. Enjoy your time outdoors—responsibly."

Travel guidelines for hunters and anglers

Because hunting and fishing may require some travel, the Governor’s Office has provided some additional guidelines for all recreationists: 

  • Minimize your travel distance from your home and spread out. If a trailhead or other access site is congested, consider finding another one, or go during off-peak hours.
  • Check before you go. Many campgrounds and trails may be closed.  
  • Bring all supplies you will need from home to avoid putting unnecessary strain on local grocery stores or convenient stores that serve the local population. Make sure you pack out all your trash and leave your space clean.

For more information about Covid-19 related to Fish and Game, see F&G's Covid-19 information page.