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Getting ready to buy your hunting license? Consider a three-year license

Three-year license saves money and keeps you hunting

Idaho hunters can buy a three-year hunting license or three-year hunting/fishing combo and not have to worry about buying another license until 2021.

The price for a three-year resident hunting license is $34.75 (plus vendor fees) and $97 (plus vendor fees) for a three-year combo license. 

Benefits of a three-year license include: 

  • Convenience: You don't have to worry about having a valid license for three years.
  • Save $3.50 on vendor fees (two years of savings of $1.75/year)
  • Save $5 on access/depredation fee (only pay two years instead of three at $5/year)
  • Avoid the 20 percent fee increase with the Price Lock program.

Here are several options for buying your hunting and fishing licenses and tags

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