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Clark Fork Driftyard access site on Pend Oreille WMA open for year-round use

Management changes have been implemented to enhance angler opportunities, while reducing resource damage at the Clark Fork Driftyard access site, a portion of the Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area on the Clark Fork River. This year, access to the parking lot and boat launch will be open year-round, however, the road will not be plowed

driftyard map access 2021
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Weather permitting, anglers can take advantage of early season fishing opportunities and recreationists can enjoy non-motorized use of the area. Historically, the Driftyard boat ramp and motorized access to the parking lot was closed after waterfowl season until late-spring.

Motorized access elsewhere on the property is prohibited. A gate was installed along the peninsula road to minimize wildlife disturbance, littering/dumping, vandalism, and other potential problems. This gate will remain closed year-round. Non-motorized use behind the gate is welcome and provides for an easy walk to enjoy the area (0.8 miles round trip). The gates to the west of the parking lot (loop road) will be closed starting February 1st to limit resource damage throughout the spring. These gates will be re-opened in the spring after the ground moisture is reduced enough to prevent rutting and weed management treatments can be implemented. Parking and/or camping adjacent to the loop road is allowed. Otherwise, no off-road use is permitted.

Angler with trout on Clark Fork River
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Andy Dux/IDFG

With the mild winter, an afternoon of fishing the river or a nice hike out to the peninsula might help dampen cabin fever. Enjoy Idaho’s fish and wildlife resources, and please respect the land and the landowners. For more information contact the Panhandle Regional office at (208)-769-1414.