Idaho Birding Trail: North Region

In the North Region, you will find rolling conifer-covered mountains, glacially formed lakes, and the famous Palouse Prairie.

Site Number Location
1 Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area
2 Boundary-Smith Creek Wildlife Management Area
3 Ball Creek Ranch
4 Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge
5 Myrtle Creek/Snow Creek Subloop
6 Perkins Lake
7 McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area
8 Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Hawkins Point and Sunnyside Access
9 Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Denton Slough
10 Sandpoint City Beach
11 Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Morton Slough
12 Round Lake State Park
13 Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Westmond Lake
14 Kelso Lake/Hoodoo Valley
15 Priest Lake Area/Dickensheet Subloop
16 Hanna Flats Cedar Grove
17 Priest River/Albeni Dam
18 Farragut Wildlife Management Area/ Farragut State Park
19 Hayden Lake Subloop
20A City of Coeur d’Alene-Fernan Lake
20B City of Coeur d’Alene-North Idaho College (NIC) Beach and City Beach
20C City of Coeur d’Alene-Higgins Point
21 Mica Bay
22 Wolf Lodge Bay
23 Cataldo Area
24 Old River Road Subloop (near Enaville)
25 Chain Lakes/Lane Marsh
26 Kings/Dobson Pass/Settler’s Grove Subloop
27 Coeur d’Alene River Wildlife Management Area -Thompson/Anderson Lakes
28 Goosehaven and Round Lake Roads
29 St. Maries/St. Joe River Roads
30 Marble Creek/Hobo Pass/Merry Creek Subloop
31 Heyburn State Park
32 Mary Minerva McCroskey State Park
33 Laird Park
34 Giant White Pine Campground
35 Spring Valley Reservoir
36 Moose Creek Reservoir
37 Elk River Area
38 Freezeout Ridge
39A City of Moscow - University of Idaho Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
39B City of Moscow-University of Idaho Main Campus
40A City of Lewiston-Jewett Park
City of Lewiston-West Levee Pond
City of Lewiston-Kiwanis Park Pond
40B City of Lewiston-Confluence of Snake and Clearwater Rivers
City of Lewiston-Sewage Plant Marsh
40C City of Lewiston-IDFG Lewiston Habitat Area
City of Lewiston-Port of Lewiston
41 Hells Gate State Park
42 Mann Lake
43 Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area-Waha Lake
44 Nez Perce National Historic Park-Spalding Site
45 Coyote Grade
46 Pierce-Weippe-Grangemont Subloop
47 Aquarius Campground
48 Wilderness Gateway Campground
49 Upper Lochsa River-Whitehouse & Wendover Campgrounds, DeVoto Memorial Cedar Grove
50 Winchester Lake State Park
51 Kamiah/Kooskia-Heart of Monster and Kooskia Fish Hatchery
52 Grangeville Area-Tolo Lake
53 Cottonwood Butte
54 Grave Creek/Pine Bar
55 Red River Wildlife Management Area
56 Seven Devils
57 Salmon River Road
58 Rapid River Fish Hatchery
59 Pollock-Little Salmon River
60 Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area
61 Coeur d’Alene River Wildlife Management Area-Killarney Lake Road
62 Smith Creek Road
63 Clark Ford Delta-Driftwood Yard
64 Hauser Lake
65 Harrison Harbor Area
66 Blue Creek Bay
67 Clearwater River-Pump Station Overlook
68 Genesee Sewage Lagoon
69 St. Maries Sewage Ponds
70 Phillip’s Farm Park
71 Deyo Reservoir
72 Dworshak Dam
73 Slate Creek Recreational Site