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We build applications to allow wildlife enthusiasts to contribute directly to the conservation of Idaho's wildlife heritage.

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Observations are the building blocks of all wildlife management.

No observation is too rare or too common to share with us. Help Idaho's wildlife by reporting here.

Share via popular conservation apps on your computer or mobile device.

  • eBird by Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • iNaturalist by California Academy of Sciences
adult monarch butterflies sip nectar from the flowers of showy milkweed

Idaho Species Catalog

Explore the species that call Idaho home. Learn where they are found, their conservation status and characteristics.

Explore Species Catalog
Explore the fish, wildlife and plants of Idaho.

Browse Taxonomic Tree
Browse the Linnean Taxonomic Tree.

Conservation Status
US ESA, BLM, USFS, State and Global ranks.

Idaho Classification of Wildlife
Idaho species as listed in IDAPA 13.01.06.

Species of Greatest Conservation Need
List of Idaho's SGCN species.

Watchable Wildlife Projects

Idaho Birding Trail

With 175 sites and about 2,000 miles of trail, this network of sites and side-trips provides the best viewing opportunities in Idaho.

Idaho Bird by Bird Program Logo

Bird by Bird Program

By bringing birding to the classroom to we inspire young citizen scientists and connect kids with their natural surroundings.