Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan provides a framework for conserving Species of Greatest Conservation Need and the habitats upon which they depend. It is the state’s guiding document for managing and conserving at-risk species. An integrated approach to implementing this strategy across all Fish and Game programs will reduce potential listings under the Endangered Species Act.

Update (9/28/2016): The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) has been submitted to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for review. This is a list of species included in the 2016 revision.

Scientific Name Common Name SGCN State Rank Global Rank
Acipenser transmontanus pop. 1 White Sturgeon (Kootenai River DPS) Tier 1 S1 G4T1Q
Acrolophitus pulchellus Idaho Point-headed Grasshopper Tier 2 S2 G1G3
Acuclavella Species Group Harvestman Species Group Tier 3 S3Q GNR
Aechmophorus clarkii Clark's Grebe Tier 2 S2B G5
Aechmophorus occidentalis Western Grebe Tier 2 S2B G5
Agrilus pubifrons A Metallic Wood-boring Beetle Tier 3 S3 GNR
Allogona lombardii Selway Forestsnail Tier 1 S3 G1G2
Amblyderus owyhee An Ant-like Flower Beetle Tier 2 S2 GNR
Ameletus tolae A Mayfly Tier 3 S2 G1G2
Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow Tier 3 S3B G5
Anaxyrus boreas Western Toad Tier 2 S2 G4
Anaxyrus woodhousii Woodhouse's Toad Tier 2 S2 G5
Andrena aculeata A Miner Bee Tier 3 S3 GNR
Anguispira nimapuna Nimapuna Disc Tier 3 S3 G1
Anodonta californiensis California Floater Tier 3 S3Q G3Q
Apatania barri A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR GU
Aquila chrysaetos Golden Eagle Tier 2 S3 G5
Arctopora salmon A Caddisfly Tier 3 S3Q G1G3
Argiacris amissuli A Grasshopper Tier 3 S1 G1G3
Argiacris keithi A Grasshopper Tier 3 SH GH
Argiacris militaris A Grasshopper Tier 3 SH GH
Artemisiospiza nevadensis Sagebrush Sparrow Tier 2 S3B G5
Ashmeadiella sculleni A Leafcutting Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl Tier 3 S3 G5
Athene cunicularia Burrowing Owl Tier 2 S2B G4
Barracris petraea A Grasshopper Tier 3 S2 G3?
Beckerus barri A Click Beetle Tier 1 S1 GNR
Boloria kriemhild Kriemhild Fritillary Tier 3 S2 G3G4
Bombus fervidus Yellow Bumble Bee Tier 3 S5 G4?
Bombus huntii Hunt's Bumble Bee Tier 3 S5 G5
Bombus morrisoni Morrison's Bumble Bee Tier 1 S4 G4G5
Bombus occidentalis Western Bumble Bee Tier 1 S3 G4
Bombus suckleyi Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble Bee Tier 1 S2 GU
Botaurus lentiginosus American Bittern Tier 2 S1B G4
Brachylagus idahoensis Pygmy Rabbit Tier 2 S3 G4
Branchinecta raptor Raptor Fairy Shrimp Tier 3 S1 G1
Bryelmis idahoensis A Riffle Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
Buteo regalis Ferruginous Hawk Tier 2 S3B G4
Calliopsis barri A Miner Bee Tier 2 S1 GNR
Callophrys johnsoni Johnson's Hairstreak Tier 3 S1 G3
Capnia lineata Straight Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Capnia zukeli Idaho Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Capnura anas Duckhead Snowfly Tier 3 SNR G1
Caurinella idahoensis Lolo Mayfly Tier 2 S2 G3
Centrocercus urophasianus Greater Sage-Grouse Tier 1 S3 G3G4
Cheumatopsyche logani A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G3G5
Chlidonias niger Black Tern Tier 2 S2B G4
Chordeiles minor Common Nighthawk Tier 3 S4B G5
Chrysobothris horningi A Metallic Wood-boring Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
Chrysobothris idahoensis A Metallic Wood-boring Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
Cicindela arenicola Idaho Dune Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 G1G2
Cicindela columbica Columbia River Tiger Beetle Tier 3 S1 G2
Cicindela decemnotata montevolans A Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 GNR
Cicindela plutonica Alpine Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 G3
Cicindela waynei Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle Tier 1 S1 G1
Cinygma dimicki A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G3
Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo Tier 1 S1B G5
Colligyrus greggi Rocky Mountain Duskysnail Tier 2 S3Q G4
Contopus cooperi Olive-sided Flycatcher Tier 3 S3B G4
Corynorhinus townsendii Townsend's Big-eared Bat Tier 3 S3 G4
Cottus extensus Bear Lake Sculpin Tier 2 S3 G3
Crotaphytus bicinctores Great Basin Collared Lizard Tier 3 S2 G5
Cryptomastix harfordiana Salmon Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G3G4
Cryptomastix magnidentata Mission Creek Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G1
Cryptomastix mullani Coeur d'Alene Oregonian Tier 3 S4Q G4
Cryptomastix populi Cottonwood Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G2
Cryptomastix sanburni Kingston Oregonian Tier 1 S3 G1
Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter Swan Tier 2 S1B,S4N G4
Cypseloides niger Black Swift Tier 2 S1B G4
Danaus plexippus Monarch Tier 3 S2 G4
Discus marmorensis Marbled Disc Tier 1 S2 G1
Dolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink Tier 2 S2B G5
Driloleirus americanus Giant Palouse Earthworm Tier 2 S2 G1
Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific Lamprey Tier 1 S1 G4
Eocosmoecus schmidi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G4
Ephemerella alleni A Mayfly Tier 2 S2 G4
Euphydryas gillettii Gillette's Checkerspot Tier 3 S2 G3
Euproserpinus wiesti Wiest's Primrose Sphinx Tier 3 S1 G3G4
Flabellorhagidia pecki A Cave Obligate Mite Tier 2 S1 G1G2
Fluminicola gustafsoni Nez Perce Pebblesnail Tier 3 SNR G2G3
Fluminicola minutissimus Pixie Pebblesnail Tier 1 SH GH
Gavia immer Common Loon Tier 2 S1B,S2N G5
Glacicavicola bathyscioides Blind Cave Leiodid Beetle Tier 1 S1 G1G3
Glossosoma idaho A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G2G3
Goereilla baumanni A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Gonidea angulata Western Ridged Mussel Tier 3 S3 G3
Grammia eureka A Moth Tier 3 SNR GNR
Grus canadensis Sandhill Crane Tier 3 S3B G5
Gulo gulo Wolverine Tier 1 S1 G4
Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus Pinyon Jay Tier 2 S3 G5
Helicodiscus salmonaceus Salmon Coil Tier 3 S2 G3G4
Hemphillia camelus Pale Jumping-slug Tier 3 S2 G4
Hemphillia danielsi Marbled Jumping-slug Tier 1 SNR G2G3
Hemphillia skadei Skade's Jumping-slug Tier 2 S2Q GNR
Hesperapis kayella A Miner Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck Tier 2 S1B G4
Homophylax acutus A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G3G5
Homophylax auricularis A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G3
Hoplitis orthognathus A Mason Bee Tier 3 S4 GNR
Hoplitis producta subgracilis A Mason Bee Tier 3 S4 GNR
Hydroprogne caspia Caspian Tern Tier 2 Breeding population only S1B G5
Hydroscapha redfordi A Skiff Beetle Tier 1 S1 GNR
Hylaeus lunicraterius A Yellow-masked Bee Tier 3 S3 GNR
Idagona westcotti Idaho Lava Tube Millipede Tier 2 S1 G1G2
Idaholanx fresti Banbury Springs Limpet Tier 1 S1 G1
Isocapnia palousa Palouse Snowfly Tier 3 S3 G3
Judolia gaurotoides A Long-horned Beetle Tier 3 S3Q GNR
Larus californicus California Gull Tier 2 Breeding population only S3B, S2N G5
Larus delawarensis Ring-billed Gull Tier 3 Breeding population only S2B,S2N G5
Lasionycteris noctivagans Silver-haired Bat Tier 2 S3 G3G4
Lasiurus cinereus Hoary Bat Tier 2 S3 G3G4
Lepidomeda copei Northern Leatherside Chub Tier 2 S2 G3
Leucophaeus pipixcan Franklin's Gull Tier 3 S3B G4G5
Leucosticte atrata Black Rosy-Finch Tier 3 S2 G4
Limnephilus challisa A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
Lithobates pipiens Northern Leopard Frog Tier 2 S2 G5
Lota lota Burbot Tier 1 S1 G5
Loxia sinesciuris Cassia Crossbill Tier 2 S1
Magnipelta mycophaga Magnum Mantleslug Tier 1 S2 G3
Malenka tina Tiny Forestfly Tier 3 S2 G3
Manophylax annulatus A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
Margaritifera falcata Western Pearlshell Tier 2 S2 G4G5
Marmota caligata Hoary Marmot Tier 3 S4 G5
Megaleuctra kincaidi Cascades Needlefly Tier 3 S1 G3
Melanerpes lewis Lewis's Woodpecker Tier 2 S3B G4
Melanoplus Species Group Spur-throated Grasshopper Species Group Tier 3 S2Q GNR
Microdipodops megacephalus Dark Kangaroo Mouse Tier 2 S1 G4
Myotis ciliolabrum Western Small-footed Myotis Tier 3 S3 G5
Myotis lucifugus Little Brown Myotis Tier 3 S3 G3
Nucifraga columbiana Clark's Nutcracker Tier 3 S2 G5
Numenius americanus Long-billed Curlew Tier 2 S2B G5
Ogaridiscus subrupicola Southern Tightcoil Tier 3 S2 G1
Oncorhynchus mykiss pop. 13 Steelhead (Snake River Basin DPS) Tier 1 S2S3 G5T2T3Q
Oncorhynchus nerka pop. 1 Sockeye Salmon (Snake River ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha pop. 2 Chinook Salmon (Snake River fall-run ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha pop. 8 Chinook Salmon (Snake River spring/summer-run ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
Oreamnos americanus Mountain Goat Tier 3 S3 G5
Oreohelix hammeri Seven Devils Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1
Oreohelix haydeni Lyrate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G2
Oreohelix idahoensis Costate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S2 G1
Oreohelix intersum Deep Slide Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G1
Oreohelix jugalis Boulder Pile Mountainsnail Tier 3 S1 G1G2
Oreohelix peripherica Deseret Mountainsnail Tier 2 SNR G2
Oreohelix strigosa goniogyra Striate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G5T1Q
Oreohelix tenuistriata Thin-ribbed Mountainsnail Tier 1 SH GH
Oreohelix vortex Whorled Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1G2
Oreohelix waltoni Lava Rock Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1G2
Oreortyx pictus Mountain Quail Tier 2 S2 G5
Oreoscoptes montanus Sage Thrasher Tier 2 S3B G5
Ovis canadensis Bighorn Sheep Tier 2 S3 G4
Pacifastacus connectens Snake River Pilose Crayfish Tier 3 SNR G3G4
Paraleptophlebia falcula A Mayfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
Paraleptophlebia jenseni A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G2G4
Paraleptophlebia traverae A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 GH
Parameletus columbiae A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Pekania pennanti Fisher Tier 2 S2 G5
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican Tier 2 S3B G4
Perdita barri A Miner Bee Tier 3 S1 GNR
Perdita salicis euxantha A Miner Bee Tier 3 S3 G5TNR
Perdita wyomingensis sculleni A Miner Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
Philocasca antennata A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
Philocasca banksi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
Physella columbiana Rotund Physa Tier 3 S1 G3
Physella natricina Snake River Physa Tier 1 S1 G1
Picoides albolarvatus White-headed Woodpecker Tier 3 S2 G4
Planogyra clappi Western Flat-whorl Tier 3 S1 G4G5
Plegadis chihi White-faced Ibis Tier 2 S2B G5
Polyphylla devestiva Lined June Beetle Tier 2 S2 GNR
Pristiloma wascoense Shiny Tightcoil Tier 3 S2 G3
Pristinicola hemphilli Pristine Pyrg Tier 2 S3 G3
Prophysaon coeruleum Blue-gray Taildropper Tier 1 S1Q G3G4
Prophysaon dubium Papillose Taildropper Tier 1 S2Q G4
Prosopium abyssicola Bear Lake Whitefish Tier 2 S1 G1
Prosopium gemmifer Bonneville Cisco Tier 2 S3 G3
Prosopium spilonotus Bonneville Whitefish Tier 2 S3 G3
Psychoglypha smithi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G1G3
Pyrgulopsis bruneauensis Bruneau Hot Springsnail Tier 1 S1 G1
Pyrgulopsis pilsbryana Bear Lake Springsnail Tier 1 S1 G2
Rana luteiventris pop. 3 Columbia Spotted Frog (Great Basin DPS) Tier 1 S2 G4T2T4
Rangifer tarandus Caribou Tier 1 S1 G5
Rhyacophila oreia A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G3
Rhyacophila robusta A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G2G3
Rhyacophila velora A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
Securicauda hermani Rocky Mountain Axetail Tier 1 S1 GNR
Sericostriata surdickae A Caddisfly Tier 3 S3 G3
Soliperla salish Clearwater Roachfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Soyedina potteri Idaho Forestfly Tier 3 S1 G2
Speleomaster lexi A Cave Obligate Harvestman Tier 2 S1 G1G2
Speleomaster pecki A Cave Obligate Harvestman Tier 2 S1 G1G2
Stagnicola Species Group Pondsnail Species Group Tier 3 SNR GNR
Strix nebulosa Great Gray Owl Tier 3 S3 G5
Stygobromus idahoensis Idaho Amphipod Tier 3 S1 G1G2
Sweltsa durfeei Lolo Sallfly Tier 3 SNR G2
Sweltsa gaufini Utah Sallfly Tier 3 S1 G3
Synaptomys borealis Northern Bog Lemming Tier 3 S3 G5
Taenionema umatilla Umatilla Willowfly Tier 3 S1 G3
Taylorconcha serpenticola Bliss Rapids Snail Tier 1 S1 G1
Tharsalea phlaeas arctodon Beartooth Copper Tier 3 S1 G5T3T5
Tympanuchus phasianellus Sharp-tailed Grouse Tier 2 S3 G5
Urocitellus brunneus Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel Tier 1 S2 G2
Urocitellus canus Merriam's Ground Squirrel Tier 2 S1 G4
Urocitellus elegans nevadensis Wyoming Ground Squirrel [Southwest Idaho pop.] Tier 2 S3 G5T4
Urocitellus endemicus Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Tier 1 S2 G2T1
Ursus arctos Grizzly Bear Tier 1 SU G4
Ursus arctos pop. 6 Grizzly Bear (Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Population) Tier 1 SNR G4TNR
Utacapnia nedia Boise Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G3