Perch Hunters of Lake Cascade

Anglers are hitting the ice on Lake Cascade.


As of December 14, 2018, the ice on Lake Cascade was thick enough for anglers to venture out on the lake to pursue the promise of plentiful and large perch. 

Regional fish biologist, Paul Janssen, reported the ice was 5 inches thick 200 yards off the boat ramp at Poison Creek.  At the Sugarloaf boat ramp there was 3.5 inches of ice 200 yards out from the ramp.  As always, be careful when going out on the ice as thickness can vary greatly in a given area.  

Perch Hunters of Lake Cascade 

Peak inside the world of ice fishing at Lake Cascade in this video with local angler Sean Cluff. 


The story behind Cascade's perch fishing

The perch fishing at Lake Cascade is receiving national attention for the number and size of perch being caught. The Idaho and world catch and release record of 17 inches was caught in May, 2018; the official certified record of 15.63 inches was caught in February, 2016. Today’s perch bonanza is the result of a major restoration effort that began twenty years ago.  Read more.... 

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New lake survey forecasts good perch fishing this year.