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Idaho Fish and Game

2024 April Monthly Fish Stocking

Statewide trout stocking highlights for April 2024


Approximately 225,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout will be stocked throughout the state this April.

Many of Idaho’s lakes and ponds are soon going to be bolstered with Idaho Fish and Game stocking roughly 225,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout this April. Wondering if the stocking trucks are going to be backing up to your favorite fishing hole? We asked our Fish and Game hatchery staff to boil down some of the most notable stocking highlights coming to your local fishery this month.

Many of these fisheries highlighted below are easy to access, family-friendly fishing destinations. All you need to get started is a fishing license and some basic tackle. Annual adult fishing licenses cost around $30, junior licenses (ages 14-17) cost $16, and youth (under 14) fish for free. Go to Fish and Game's online vendor to buy a license.

A young boy with a rainbow trout caught at Free Fishing Day, Riley Pond, June 2023

Fishing for stocked rainbow trout can be a great way to introduce budding anglers to the sport by using simple, inexpensive setups like worm/marshmallow combinations or commercial baits like PowerBait® or Crave, placed either near the bottom or below a bobber; and as anglers know, there’s nothing quite like a trout fighting on the end of your line. The Learn to Fish webpage offers diagrams for basic bait rigs. 

Most Idaho waters are open to fishing year-round, but some may have slightly different rules. Be sure to pick up a 2022-2024 Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules Booklet – available at any Idaho Fish and Game office or most sporting goods stores statewide – or download online to look at season dates, special regulations and bag limits. 

April 2024 Fish Stocking Highlights

Panhandle Region

Cocolalla Lake – 4,500 rainbow trout

This 800-acre lake offers a variety of fishing opportunities. Anglers regularly have luck trolling spoons, spinners and flies throughout the lake. Fly fishing can also be a productive technique and anglers often target areas around the inlets and outlet of the lake.

Fernan Lake – 6,600 rainbow trout

A popular fishing spot 10 minutes from downtown Coeur d'Alene, anglers of all abilities can enjoy fishing from floating docks, miles of shoreline or from boats.

Gene Day Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

Also known as Osburn Pond, this will be the first stocking event of the year, so catch rates should be good!

Jewel Lake – 2,700 rainbow trout

A peaceful lake where anglers can catch rainbow trout, channel catfish and lots of bluegill that will thrill young anglers. There is a single fishing dock to help with access in this forested and picturesque, rural setting.

Kelso Lake – 2,500 rainbow trout

With easy access to this quiet, forested lake, you will find good fishing opportunities from a large dock, and it's a great place for a small boat, kayak or canoe. It’s located along Idaho Birding Trail 14, so bring your binoculars!

Post Falls Park Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

This park offers a great fishing spot for kids and anglers with special needs. Anglers can easily fish the small pond from a fishing bridge, shore or fishing platforms. Take some time to also enjoy the adjacent park, nature trails, falls and picnic areas.

Spicer Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

This is a small, easily accessed pond next to the St. Maries River near the town of St. Maries.

Clearwater Region

Kiwanis Park Pond – 1,500 rainbow trout

This convenient community pond is located next to the Snake River in Lewiston and is within walking distance to picnic shelters and a playground. The pond is stocked with rainbow trout to maintain high-catch rates for anglers.

Mann Lake – 6,000 rainbow trout and 4,500 yellow (banana) trout

This lake provides a multi-species fishery. In addition to rainbow trout, anglers can catch bass, catfish and a variety of panfish. Electric motors only.

Robinson Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

Located a short distance from Kamiah, this is a great spot to take the kids fishing.

Spring Valley Reservoir – 5,400 rainbow trout

Surrounded by rolling hills and trees, there is a trail that surrounds the reservoir. In addition, fishing docks and platforms increase shoreline access. There is a developed boat ramp, but gas motors are not allowed. Bring your binoculars because this is Stop 35 on the Idaho Birding Trail!

Tolo Lake – 700 rainbow trout

This lake provides fishing in the wide-open Camas Prairie. It's easy to get to and also supports a variety of other fish species (bluegill, bass, catfish). Drive a few miles north of Whitebird Pass on Highway 95, turn left onto Lake Road. Drive 2 more miles and you're there.

Winchester Lake – 6,000 rainbow trout

Located in a beautiful, forested setting, this lake offers very easy access. Docks and fishing platforms enhance fishing opportunities for beginners and accomplished anglers. Facilities include a picnic shelter, fish cleaning station, benches and picnic tables, and a variety of camping options.

Southwest Region (McCall)

Horsethief Reservoir – 3,500 rainbow trout

This reservoir has everything for a memorable fishing weekend—a beautiful lake in the trees, good fishing and camping. Camping is managed by the Treasure Valley YMCA. The YMCA manages a website related to camping at Horsethief Reservoir. To find updates and information related to camping, please visit:

Southwest Region (Nampa)

Arrowrock Reservoir – 9,000 rainbow trout

This reservoir offers a wide range of fishing opportunities. Fast-growing kokanee and rainbow trout are targeted by most anglers. However, other anglers choose to target smallmouth bass or yellow perch. Be sure to properly identify trout species as bull trout utilize the reservoir.

Crane Falls Lake – 1,200 rainbow trout

Located alongside the Snake River in the sagebrush south of Mountain Home, this lake is best fished from small boats and float craft, though several fishing docks are available.

Dick Knox Pond – 800 rainbow trout

Located just south of the corner of West Sales Yard and Airport roads in Emmett, this pond gives anglers the chance to pursue a wide variety of fish species. Pond amenities include five floating docks, two restrooms, a boat launch and ample parking.

Esther Simplot Pond – 600 rainbow trout

Located next to the Boise River, this park offers fishing, walking and biking paths, docks, shelters, playground and a beach.

Lowman Ponds – 600 rainbow trout

Enjoy good mountain fishing along the South Fork Payette River.

Lucky Peak Reservoir – 6,775 rainbow trout

This reservoir is well-known for quality kokanee and rainbow trout fishing. In addition, some anglers choose to focus on smallmouth bass. The reservoir can be accessed at several well-developed sites.

Marsing Pond – 550 rainbow trout

This pond is located off Highway 55 below the Snake River bridge.

Parkcenter Pond – 700 rainbow trout

Conveniently located near downtown Boise, the greenbelt and the BSU campus, this pond is a popular local fishing spot with a paved path alongside docks and tables.

Riverside Pond – 900 rainbow trout

A quiet neighborhood pond right off the Boise Greenbelt, it’s tucked into the trees off Glenwood Road and offers good bank fishing and a large fishing dock.

Magic Valley Region

Blair Trail Fishing Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

On Little Canyon Creek, this is a remote desert water surrounded by sagebrush solitude.

Dierkes Lake – 2,500 rainbow trout

Conveniently located inside Shoshone Falls Park near Twin Falls, this scenic county park also features hiking, fishing docks and picnic areas. Dierkes Lake is where thousands of kids have caught their first fish! Check out this video.

Dog Creek Reservoir – 2,000 rainbow trout

Located in Gooding County, check out this video to learn what to expect from this high desert reservoir.

Gavers Lagoon – 1,425 rainbow trout

This pond is a high-yield fishery that is stocked frequently, but it is known to get fished out quickly after stocking. We encourage harvest, but please harvest what you need and consider leaving a few for your fellow anglers.

Hagerman Wildlife Management Area: This WMA provides a variety of fishing opportunities and open space to explore. Riley Creek Pond and Oster Lake #1 offer ADA access piers. Please give those with limited mobility priority for parking and use.

  • Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #1 – 2,400 rainbow trout
  • Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #2 – 350 rainbow trout
  • Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #3 – 350 rainbow trout
  • Hagerman WMA Oster Lake #4 – 350 rainbow trout
  • Hagerman WMA Riley Creek Pond – 3,200 rainbow trout

Lower Goose Creek Reservoir (Oakley Reservoir) – 10,000 rainbow trout

Located south of Burley, this is a great place to recreate. Fishing opportunities include perch, rainbow trout and walleye.

Magic Reservoir – 7,500 rainbow trout

A popular, diverse fishery with plenty of shoreline access, this reservoir is perfect for young anglers.

Mormon Reservoir – 6,000 rainbow trout

Located near Fairfield, efforts by Fish and Game staff and other agencies continue to improve fishing, water quality and access.

Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir – 18,000 rainbow trout

A short drive south of Twin Falls, this large reservoir in Idaho's high desert provides tons of fishing options with boat ramps and long shorelines. You can help maintain the natural beauty of this unique area by driving on existing roads when they are dry.

Southeast Region

Bannock Reservoir – 1,000 rainbow trout

Located within the Portneuf Wellness Complex Park near the county fairgrounds in Pocatello, this community park offers trout fishing with many recreational amenities nearby. Multiple docks provide fishing access around this 5-acre pond.

Chesterfield Reservoir – 19,200 rainbow trout

Known for big fish, this reservoir in Caribou County is a popular spot to plan a great fishing trip! 

Crowthers Reservoir – 2,200 rainbow trout

Tucked away on the northern edge of Malad City, this reservoir provides a nice local fishing spot.

Edson Fichter Pond – 950 rainbow trout

This community pond is located along the Portneuf River at Edson Fichter Nature Area. It features several docks and a trail for access around the pond. Just minutes from downtown Pocatello, this site offers local anglers a convenient escape close to home.

Glendale Reservoir – 3,660 rainbow trout

This 200-plus acre reservoir provides good facilities and opportunities for anglers to catch a variety of warm water species and trout. Access is best using a small boat, but docks and limited shore access are available. Per Consolidated Irrigation Company access rules, all watercraft must be inspected by on-site irrigation company staff and users are subject to an inspection fee (Franklin County residents: $10; nonresidents of Franklin County: $20). No ballast compartment boats are allowed.

Hawkins Reservoir – 1,680 rainbow trout

Located near Downey, this reservoir provides good fishing opportunities for Yellowstone cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and cutbows.

Johnson Reservoir – 2,500 rainbow trout

This 50-acre irrigation reservoir located near Preston is surrounded by large cottonwood trees. It offers a boat ramp, dock and a variety of warm water game fish. Per Consolidated Irrigation Company access rules, all watercraft must be inspected by ISDA the day of your launch. Proof of inspection (ISDA written certification) should be displayed in the dash of your vehicle.

Lamont Reservoir – 2,760 rainbow trout

Located about 3 miles from Preston, this reservoir offers a nice boat ramp and a good opportunity to catch trout, bass and panfish. Per Consolidated Irrigation Company access rules, all watercraft must be inspected by ISDA the day of your launch. Proof of inspection (ISDA written certification) should be displayed in the dash of your vehicle.

Upper Snake Region

Becker Pond (Ryder Park Pond) – 2,000 rainbow trout

Ryder Park Riverside Pond – 1,000 rainbow trout

These two ponds in Idaho Falls are located off Sunnyside Road. Catch rates are awesome, and they provide a great place for new anglers or kids to try their hand at fishing. 

Rexburg City Ponds – 600 rainbow trout

These ponds are located within Rexburg's 15-acre Nature Park and offer an enjoyable fishing atmosphere. The park has walking paths, a skate park and picnic areas in a tranquil environment away from traffic.

Snake River – 2,400 rainbow trout

These fish will be stocked at John’s Hole and South Tourist Park.

Salmon Region

Hayden Creek Pond – 1,100 rainbow trout

This is a family-friendly fishing area in the high desert along Hayden Creek. Anglers will find ample bank fishing opportunities and a dock for anglers with limited mobility.

Hyde Creek Pond – 200 rainbow trout

This small irrigation pond is surrounded by sagebrush. The open site and level terrain provide ideal bank fishing for beginning anglers.

Kids Creek Pond – 550 rainbow trout

Near downtown Salmon, this small fishing pond is regularly stocked with rainbow trout so catch rates should be good!