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Idaho Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game bowhunter education instructor with his 2012 Idaho bull elk

In-person bowhunter education class coming up in Blackfoot


Seating still available, but not for long!

Are you interested in archery hunting this fall?  You may need bowhunter education, especially if you are new to archery hunting or wish to hunt in Idaho where an archery permit is required.  Though online bowhunter education is always an option, here is your chance to take an in-person bowhunter education class in May!

Ed Andersen, one of Fish and Game’s seasoned volunteer instructors with over 50 years archery experience, will be teaching a bowhunter education class at the Rose Ponds Archery Range on Archery Range Road, just north of Blackfoot.  The class will run Tues., May 2, through Friday, May 5, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with a field day Sat., May 6, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  Cost of the class is $9.75.

Andersen, a member of Blackfoot River Bowmen, has been sharing his passion for archery hunting with students for 20 years.  He has taught hundreds of new hunters in his classes ranging in age from 10 to 60, and often invites former students back to his classes to share stories of their first archery harvests. 

“It’s rewarding to hear their excitement of their up-close encounters with the many big game animals we are able to enjoy in Idaho,” says Andersen.  “I have to admit I have always enjoyed a hunting partner's success as much as my own.”

When Andersen isn’t bowhunting or teaching new bowhunters, he is thinking about bowhunting.  “I start planning my next year's hunt as soon as my current year's hunt is completed,” he says.  “I have memories and stories to last a lifetime.”

If archery hunting is something you have always wanted to try, consider signing up for this upcoming in-person class in the Southeast Region.  Registration can be completed online through this link:  Seating is limited.

Remember, to buy an archery permit in Idaho, all bowhunters must possess a valid hunting license and show proof they have completed an approved bowhunter education course, or show evidence of having been licensed for an archery-only hunt in Idaho or another state, or complete an affidavit to that effect.

Idaho Fish and Game bowhunter education instructor with his 2012 Idaho bull elk
Idaho Fish and Game bowhunter education instructor Ed Andersen with his bull elk harvested in Idaho in 2012. Andersen has taught hundreds of new hunters over the last 20 years in southeast Idaho.