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Idaho Fish and Game

Two anglers carry a cooler to a pickup truck

How to report an illegal sturgeon harvest and be a good witness for wildlife


Knowing how to provide the right tips will help conservation officers investigate a case.

You're out fishing and see someone harvest a white sturgeon and place it in a cooler, what would you do in this situation? It is illegal to harvest sturgeon in Idaho; sturgeon should not be removed from the water and must be released upon landing. Know how to report this common violation and hear tips on how you can be a good witness for wildlife.

Being a good witness not only helps our conservation officers investigate a case, but it ultimately increases the likelihood that a violator stealing Idaho’s wildlife resources is held accountable. Help be the eyes and ears for protecting our wildlife.

Please remember that safety should always be your priority when acting as a witness to a crime.

VIDEO DISCLAIMER: The sturgeon featured in this video is a hatchery mortality, no live fish were harmed in the filming of this educational video.