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F&G announces 'Introduction to Wing Shooting' skills course in Southwest Idaho


Idaho Fish and Game’s Southwest Region, in partnership with Snake River Quail Forever, has announced a new course titled "Introduction to Wing Shooting," slated to run on the fourth Sunday of each month from April to July at the Black's Creek Public Shooting Range Complex, 2420 E. Kuna-Mora Road, Kuna.

Targeting hunters new to wing shooting, the course is designed to cover essentials such as firearm safety, shotgun handling, gun fit, and the mechanics of shooting at moving targets. The course is open to individuals 12 years and older who have completed a Hunter Education course.

The collaboration between Idaho Fish and Game and Snake River Quail Forever aims to enhance the hunting skills of participants through practical and theoretical instruction in wing shooting.

“The concept of our Hunting and Shooting Sports Courses, in general, is to allow students to dive deeper into a particular, specialized subject — and serve as the next step for Hunter Education graduates,” said Jaime Creson, Volunteer Services Coordinator for Idaho Fish and Game. “What really excites us about this partnership is that it provides a unique opportunity to connect students with expert instructors who live, eat and breathe wing shooting.”

Participants will practice with provided shotguns, ammunition, and safety gear, including ear and eye protection.

To participate, individuals must register in advance and meet the prerequisite Hunter Education course completion. For more information on registration and course details visit the Hunter Education page on Fish and Game’s website, or click through the links below:

Opportunities to hone other hunting and outdoors skills in May

In addition to the wing shooting courses taking place throughout the spring and summer, Fish and Game hunter education instructors are also teaching Hunting and Shooting Sports courses that cover Beginning Firearm Safety Training and Shooting, as well as Map and Compass.

The Beginning Firearm Safety Training and Shooting skills course is designed for the Hunter Education graduate to refresh and enhance the skills they learned during their Hunter Education course, and is a beginning-level firearms safety course that includes live fire training. Students start in the classroom for a refresher on safe firearm handling with inert training firearms before moving to the range, where students shoot both .22 and .243 caliber firearms. This course is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 11, at the Black’s Creek Public Shooting Range Complex.

The Map and Compass course is a comprehensive course designed to take the student with no knowledge of maps or compasses to being able to identify terrain features, read topographic maps, plan overland routes, find themselves when lost, and build their confidence when in the wilderness. The Map and Compass course will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, at the Idaho Fish and Game Regional Office in Nampa.

To take the next step in your or your child’s hunter education journey, find and register for Hunting and Shooting Sports Skills Courses at