Access - Large Tracts North Idaho Timber Group

Idaho Fish and Game and North Idaho Timber Group add thousands of acres for public access

Motorized Restrictions on Large Tracts Access Agreements

View maps of motorized vehicle area restrictions. Maps can picked up at either the Panhandle or Clearwater Region Fish and Game offices. View Large Tracts Maps Press Release 9/20/2021


Use Extreme Caution in Areas of High Fire Risk

Some small areas of North Idaho Timber Group lands with ongoing high fire risk will remain closed. Closed areas will have signs indicating they remain closed to public access. As always, camping and warming fires are not allowed on any of North Idaho Timber Group timberlands, and the Group requests that the public review access guidelines prior to visiting.


In October 2019, Idaho Fish and Game partnered with a group northern Idaho forest group to provide public access to 336,630 acres of private land for hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife viewing, hiking, and recreational travel on open full-sized roads.

Restrictions apply to using these properties. Additional restrictions and details are below:

Hunters, anglers, and wildlife watchers should be respectful and responsible when accessing these lands.


Wolf hunting and trapping changes in effect

Please refer to the public land wolf hunting and trapping seasons in the MODIFIED 2021 big game seasons and rules brochure for the seasons and rules information for the properties in this access agreement.
Exception - Wolf hunting allowed during legal big game hunting hours only.

Please note: Wolf seasons were modified after the 2021 big game brochure was printed. The current seasons and rules are online. Please refer to each property with an agreement to find the landowner's preference.



Access Map

Browse access agreement areas for hunting or fishing.

Map Center

To view these areas:

  1. Open the map center.
  2. On the left menu, expand the Turn Layers On/Off section.
  3. Choose Reference Layers.
  4. Check a box, or multiple boxes, to display access areas.
  5. Select an area on the map for information and allowed activities.

How Fish and Game partners for access

When you buy a hunting or fishing license, your dollars, along with federal funds, help Fish and Game and partners maintain access to wildlife-related recreation opportunities.


Please note: Access through these agreements can change quickly. Observe all posted signs and check back often for updates.