Access - Large Tracts North Idaho Forest Group

Idaho Fish and Game and North Idaho Forest Group add thousands of acres for public access

In October 2019, Idaho Fish and Game partnered with a group northern Idaho forest group to provide public access to 336,630 acres of private land for hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife viewing, hiking, and recreational travel on open full-sized roads.

Access Rules

Under this proposal the cooperating land owners agree that all included lands would be open to non-motorized public access for legal hunting, fishing, and trapping activities permitted by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Further, they would agree to work cooperatively with each other and the IDFG experts to designate lands that are available for responsible motorized access and the conditions for that access. Overnight camping would be permitted only in designated areas.

Access Restrictions

Land managers reserve the right to temporarily close specific lands for management purposes like active forestry operations, high fire danger, or other management needs. Landowners also reserve the right to withdraw individual parcels from this agreement, or larger tracts, if irresponsible public use (outside the access policies set under this agreement) results in resource damage to the property.


Hunters, anglers, and wildlife watchers should be respectful and responsible when accessing these lands.


Access Map

Browse access agreement areas for hunting or fishing.

Map Center

To view these areas:

  1. Open the map center.
  2. On the left menu, expand the Turn Layers On/Off section.
  3. Choose Reference Layers.
  4. Check a box, or multiple boxes, to display access areas.
  5. Select an area on the map for information and allowed activities.

How Fish and Game partners for access

When you buy a hunting or fishing license, your dollars, along with federal funds, help Fish and Game and partners maintain access to wildlife-related recreation opportunities.


Please note: Access through these agreements can change quickly. Observe all posted signs and check back often for updates.