Resident Tags Available

The following elk zones have a set number of tags available as general season tags, available over the counter.

Use the table below to determine availability of these general hunts. Looking for nonresident tags?

Last updated: Tag count last updated September 21, 2018

Resident Elk - Zone Tags Available

Elk Zone - Tag Type Quota Available  
Bear River Zone – B Tag
441 Sold out huntplanner icon
Diamond Creek Zone – A Tag
1,146 Sold out huntplanner icon
Dworshak Zone – B Tag
2,118 671 huntplanner icon
Elk City Zone – B Tag
1,414 300 huntplanner icon
Lolo Zone – A Tag
128 13 huntplanner icon
Lolo Zone – B Tag
630 445 huntplanner icon
Middle Fork Zone – A Tag
1,168 1,061 huntplanner icon
Middle Fork Zone – B Tag
925 481 huntplanner icon
Salmon Zone – B Tag
1,589 Sold out huntplanner icon
Sawtooth Zone – A Tag 496 Sold out huntplanner icon
Sawtooth Zone – B Tag
1,290 Sold out huntplanner icon
Selway Zone – A Tag
179 86 huntplanner icon
Selway Zone – B Tag
480 104 huntplanner icon
Weiser River Zone - A Tag
-- Cap removed  
Weiser River Zone - B Tag
3,560 270  
  • Tag numbers will be updated Monday through Friday, as updates are available
  • Tag numbers may increase from previous totals due to tag returns