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  • Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule

    June will be a busy month for personnel from Fish and Game's McCall and Nampa Hatcheries as they will be releasing more than 96,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations. With Free Fishing Day around the corner, local ponds will be a focal point of trout stocking efforts this month.

    Unfamiliar with a particular stocking location? Use Idaho’s Fish Planner application on the Fish and Game website (idfg.idaho.gov) to find that special fishing water.


    Bear Pond (Placerville)      June 4 200

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    Here's your statewide trout stocking schedule for May

    This is where thousands of rainbow trout are, or are headed, for the month of May and Memorial Day weekend.

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    Clark Fork and Pack River Angler Survey Underway

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with Avista, began conducting a 10-month angler creel survey on the Clark Fork River from Lake Pend Oreille to Cabinet Gorge Dam on February 1. Additionally, we began surveying anglers fishing the Pack River, Grouse Creek, and Lightning Creek on March 1. We plan to continue these surveys through approximately December 1, 2018.

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    Blue Mountain and Kids Creek ponds stocked with steelhead

    Personnel from Fish and Game's Pahsimeroi Hatchery released 100 steelhead each in Blue Mountain Pond and Kids Creek Pond Monday, April 23.

  • Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule

    Personnel from Fish and Game's McCall and Nampa Hatcheries will be releasing
    more than 63,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during May.


    Browns Pond (McCall)      May 21      500

    Caldwell Pond #2      April 30      500

    Duff Lane Pond (Middleton)      April 30      225

    Eagle Island Park Pond      May 21      450

    East Mountain Reservoir (Cascade)      May 21      500

    Eds Pond (Emmett)      May 14      200

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    Fisheries Management at Work

    In the Panhandle Region and throughout the state, fisheries biologists are gearing up to learn more about the fish in area lakes and streams. The Idaho Fish and Game monitors fish populations around the state all year long, but spring and summer are a particularly busy time. Biologists sample fish populations to answer questions about how many fish are present, if they are trending up or down, the types of fish in a water body, how fish grow, and at what rate fish die.

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    Catastrophe averted, trout rescued after being stranded on the freeway

    Crews from Nampa, Niagara Springs, and Hagerman hatcheries were able to net all of the fish and put them into smaller two trucks from Hagerman State Fish Hatchery. 

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Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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