Rainbow Trout


  • Fishing Activities Continue at Esthers/Quinns Ponds

    Elevated E. coli levels at Boise's Esther Simplot Pond and Quinns Pond have resulted in swimming/wading activities at these two popular park locations. A number of anglers have called our office asking if fishing activities are included in this closure.

    Fishing remains open at both ponds. However, in the spirit of the closure, all anglers are asked to remain out of the water while fishing. This mean no wading or use of float tubes, canoes etc.

  • Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule

    Personnel from Fish and Game's McCall and Nampa Hatcheries will be releasing more than 38,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during July.


    Location     Week Stocked      Number of Trout

    Big Creek (Cascade) July 3 200

    Boise River, Middle Fork July 17 2,000

    Boise River, North Fork July 17, 24 2,000/2,000

    Boulder Reservoir, Lower (Lake Fork) July 17 1,200

    Browns Pond (McCall) July 3 1,000


    Bull Trout Lake (Grandjean) July 10, 24 900/900

  • Free Fish Day - Hagerman State Hatchery Event - Joe Chapman Raffle

    Big Fish and Big Smiles: Free Fishing Day Success

    Another year, another great Free Fishing Day down at the Hagerman State Fish Hatchery. In past years, we've had 1,500+ folks come down to join the fun, this year, we had 600 folks register and many join in that did not register. Probably close to 1,000, but that's just a guess. Folks that attended could borrow fishing rods, got free bait, entered into a raffle for prizes, had a free lunch, and could compete to win the big fish prize of the day.

  • Original ADA Fishing Pier on Oster Lake #1

    It's Gonna Be Worth the Wait !

    Hagerman - The 30 year-old fishing dock that was built to provide access for disabled anglers at Oster Lakes has seen the end of its life span. The original structure was falling apart and the Department was concerned about safety and usability. The Fish and Game teamed up with US Fish and Wildlife to tear out the old one and rebuild.

  • free_fish_day.jpg

    More Fish!

    Last Saturday’s Free Fishing Day gave many folks the chance to experience fishing for the first time. But the season has only just begun. So grab your license and gear and get out there!

  • New Management/Camping Fees Coming to Horsethief Reservoir

    Camping areas at Horsethief Reservoir will soon be under new management, and one of the biggest changes users will see is a new camping fee.

    Idaho Fish and Game approached YMCA leadership in the fall of 2016 regarding the possibility of a temporary partnership between the two organizations. After months of negotiation and planning, the agency will hand off campground management responsibilities to the Y beginning July 1.

  • Trout stocking, Nampa hatchery, Southwest Region

    Nampa Fish Hatchery is bringing anglers hundreds of thousands of trout

    About 680,000 trout, mostly rainbows in the 10 to 12-inch range, will soon be swimming in a lake, reservoir, pond or river near you. 

  • The next generation of steelhead is being born

    The eggs originated from adult steelhead that were trapped and spawned this spring at Oxbow and Pahsimeroi Fish Hatcheries.

  • steelhead fishing

    Upper Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report (5/1/17)

    The spring 2017 steelhead season on the upper Salmon River closed at the end of Sunday, April 30th.

  • Fishing Trailer Schedule for May

    The month of May will be busy for Fish and Game’s fishing trailer, with a dozen fishing events scheduled around the Treasure Valley and beyond.

    To learn more about the trailer, contact the Fish and Game Nampa office at 465-8465. A complete statewide fishing trailer schedule is available at http://idfg.idaho.gov.

Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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