Rainbow Trout


  • Electrofishing schedule set for the South Fork of the Snake River

    Biologists with the Idaho Fish and Game plan to be electrofishing sections of the South Fork every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from now until May 23 as they conduct a feasibility study on the manual removal of rainbow trout. "These removal efforts are not aimed at removing all of the rainbows in the river," emphasizes Fisheries Manager Brett High. "Really it is an experiment to see what type of effort it requires to manually remove fish, so that we can better evaluate whether removing rainbows from the South Fork using electrofishing is an effective management technique given limitation

  • Electrofishing

    Rainbow trout to be removed from the South Fork of the Snake River and stocked in local ponds

    As part of an ongoing effort to reduce hybridization between the non-native rainbow trout and the native cutthroat trout in the South Fork of the Snake River, biologists from the Idaho Fish and Game will be manually removing rainbow and hybrid trout. Fish will be stunned with electro-shocking equipment and then transported to local ponds around the Upper Snake region.

  • boy fishing on free fishing day June 2003

    Project WILD about Fishing class offered in Lewiston April 12 & 13

    Fish On! Project WILD about fishing course held for educators in the Clearwater Region

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    Local fishing ponds to be stocked with lunkers

    Anglers in the Salmon and Challis areas will see some giant trout lurking in local fishing ponds after Clear Springs Foods donated over 900 hatchery broodstock to Idaho Fish and Game.

  • Fernan Boat Launch

    Trout stocking at Fernan Lake gets a big boost for spring and beyond

    Anglers can expect 12,000 trout to be stocked the week of April 8 to kick off the fishing season, then 6,000 trout stocked each month during May, June, and September. 

  • fishstocking-icon-clearwater-region

    Clearwater Region trout stocking schedule for April

    Over 35,300 catchable- sized rainbow trout will be stocked at the following locations during April.

    Body of Water                        Week To Be Stocked                          Number To Be Stocked

    Mann Lake                               March 25-29                                          5400

    Hordemann Pond                   April 15-19                                               500

    Kiwanis Park Pond                 April 15-19                                             1500

  • fishstocking-icon-southeast-region

    Trout Stocking Report for the Southeast Region

    Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game’s hatcheries in the Southeast Region will be releasing over 25,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at the following locations during April.

    Location                                                Week                                 Stocked Number of Trout

    Chesterfield Reservoir                         Apr 1-5                                 16,200

    Bear River Below Alexander Dam      Apr 1-5                                 250

  • fishstocking-icon-panhandle-region

    Panhandle Region trout stocking schedule for April

    Over 39,000 catchable-sized (12-14 inch) rainbow trout are set to be stocked in these Panhandle lakes and ponds during the month of April. This month, our hatchery team will be paying particular attention to Fernan Lake, where around 12,000 catchable rainbows will be stocked in this lake alone.

  • fishstocking-icon-salmon-region

    Salmon Region trout stocking schedule for April

    Idaho Department of Fish and Game will stock over 1,400 catchable-sized rainbow at the following locations during April.


    Hayden Creek Pond; April 1-5; 500

    Kids Creek Pond; April 1-5; 200

    Hayden Creek Pond; April 15-19; 500

    Kids Creek Pond; April 15-19; 200

    The number of trout actually released may be altered by weather, water conditions, equipment problems or schedule changes. If delays occur, trout will be released when conditions become favorable.

  • 'Take Me Fishing' trailer will tour SW Idaho ponds in April through June

    Stocked with equipment and information, Fish and Game’s fishing trailer will soon be making more than 25 appearances at local ponds across the region, promoting fishing as part of a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

    To learn more about the trailer program, contact the Fish and Game Nampa office at 465-8465. More information regarding the fishing trailer program, including other regional trailer schedules, will soon be posted on Fish and Game’s website at https://idfg.idaho.gov/fish/trailers.

Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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