Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeon

Columba livia

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Health Issues Which May Affect This Animal

What Causes This Disease?

Trichomoniasis is caused by a protozoan parasite, Trichomonas gallinae.

Where Is The Disease Found?

Trichomoniasis is found worldwide in pigeons and doves. The disease has been well documented in Idaho in doves and pigeons.

Signs of Disease

Trichomoniasis causes large masses of exudate in the oral cavity, throat or crop of affected birds. The masses can be large enough that they obstruct the passage of food and the birds die of starvation. Trichomoniasis is usually seen in pigeons and doves in mid to late summer, especially in areas where large numbers of birds are being fed. The birds can eat, but the lesions do not allow the bird to pass food into the crop and gizzard. The food that is eaten is usually regurgitated and the contaminated food is then consumed by another bird which can then become infected with trichomoniasis.

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