Mountain Whitefish


  • Lower Payette Smallmouth Bass

    Transplant gives smallmouth bass a jumpstart in the Lower Payette River

    As of October 3, Fish and Game crews transferred 850 smallmouths to the lower Payette River. The goal is to transfer 1,000 smallmouths with the hope that many of these fish will spawn next spring and contribute to rebuilding this important and popular fishery. 

  • Mountain whitefish is a game fish native to Idaho streams.

    Biologists investigate fish kill on South Fork of the Snake River

    Idaho Fish and Game recently received reports of sick and dead whitefish on the South Fork of the Snake River, and biologists surveyed the river to gauge the extent of the kill, and which fish are involved.

  • Mountain whitefish is a game fish native to Idaho streams.

    Yellowstone River disease outbreak is not affecting Idaho fish

    The disease that killed thousands of fish in the Yellowstone River in Montana is present in Idaho rivers, but Idaho Fish and Game officials have seen no large outbreaks or die offs of fish in Idaho rivers this summer. 

    The Yellowstone fish die-off is attributed to proliferative kidney disease, which appears to affect mostly mountain whitefish and to a lesser degree trout. 

Mountain Whitefish

Prosopium williamsoni

Game Fish
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