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  • Henrys Lake Cutthroat

    Hauling huge fish through holes at Henrys

    Henrys lake has been hot this year for anglers and being covered with ice hasn't changed that. Due to the cold snap this October, the lake froze a bit earlier than usual. Some individuals were seen venturing onto the newly formed ice as early Halloween. 

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    Browns are rising in Teton Valley

    This September Fish and Game along with staff from the Friends of the Teton River conducted fish population surveys using mark/recapture on two monitoring reaches on the Teton River. These surveys are conducted every other year and provide valuable information to help guide fisheries management decisions.  For example, the daily bag limit for rainbow trout in the Teton River was recently changed to an unlimited daily harvest in response to increasing numbers of rainbow trout in the river.  Fisheries managers hope to use increased harvest of the non-native rainbows to benefit the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout population. Counting fish numbers at specific locations and at regular intervals allows Fish and Game to track changes in the populations through time. This is valuable information for making informed management decisions.

  • Caroline Treece Henrys Lake

    Henrys Lake newsletter August 2019

    Once again we had a great turn out for our annual Henrys Lake public meeting which took place on Thursday August 29th. For those of you who were unable to attend you can watch the presentation and meeting by clicking the following link: Henrys Lake Meeting Video 2019

  • Henry's Lake Ice fishing hybrid cutthroat rainbow trout with happy kid

    Great catch ice fishing at Henrys Lake

    Ice fishing catch rates for Sunday, 12/4 fell within the good range. We're seeing some impressive fish, with several in the 7-8 pound range. Hadley Bowen landed a fish of a lifetime; a 6 pound 3 oz., 23 inch Brook Trout. And Jiler landed a huge 8 lb. 2oz. Hybrid.

    The ice is still marginal in most locations so use caution.

  • Brook trout, yy male, hatchery,

    Fish and Game develops a new way to control fish populations

    Hatcheries have long been used to replenish and restore fish populations, but can they also be used to reduce or eradicate them?

Brook Trout

Salvelinus fontinalis

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