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  • Lake Cascade Ice report for January 18, 2018

    With the exception of some thin ice on the edges, Lake Cascade ice and fishing conditions remain excellent over the entire lake with 7 or more inches of hard ice. There is an inch or so of fresh snow on the ice over the entire lake making all areas accessible to anglers on foot, atv's, and snowmobiles. Bring some ice traction devices for your boots as some areas are very slick under the snow.    

    The Sugarloaf area road is currently open to vehicle traffic to the boat ramp.  

  • Yellow Perch tagged to estimate angler harvest

    Survey shows Lake Cascade's perch population remains strong

    Lake Cascade continues to provide abundant game fish, but fish populations are constantly changing. 

  • Ice fishing cascade perch

    Lake Cascade Ice fishing report; Jan 5, 2018

    Ice thickness is reported at 8 to 10 inches depending on the location.

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    Lost Valley Reservoir Trout Improvement Project Planned

    Lost Valley Reservoir, located 16 miles north of Council Idaho, is nearly dry and Fish and Game plans to take advantage of that condition to improve trout populations at the popular fishing hole.

    The Lost Valley Reservoir Company has lowered the reservoir to the lowest pool possible for outlet valve repairs and is cooperating to keep the pool down until later in October.

  • Anglers Invited to Help with Fish Collection at CJ Strike Reservoir

    This Saturday, anglers can participate in their favorite pastime and support a good cause – reestablishing fish populations in local waters.

    The winter’s heavy snowpack has filled many small lakes and reservoirs throughout Southwest Idaho including Blacks Creek Reservoir and Indian Creek Reservoir. Biologists from Idaho Fish and Game will be stationed at CJ Strike Reservoir this Saturday, May 13 from 10:00am to 6:00pm, collecting Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, and Yellow Perch from anglers for transfer to the two reservoirs.

  • American Falls Reservoir

    Work Begins on American Falls Boat Ramp

    The Bureau of Reclamation started reconstruction work to the boat ramp on the west side of American Falls Reservoir, so the ramp will be closed to boater and angler traffic beginning until Memorial Day weekend.

    Read the full Bureau of Reclamation news release here

    For more details, contact the Bureau of Reclamation in Heyburn:

    Upper Snake Field Office
    Ryan Newman - Assistant Area Manager
    (208) 678-0461 x34


  • Is This the End of Cascade Ice Fishing

    Getting on the ice at Lake Cascade is tough right now.All of the ice at the southern access points has moved off shore. Anglers were still getting on the ice at Boulder and Poison Creek accesses. The weather is in the mid 40's and predicted to stay that way.  The perch fishing has been good with the few anglers we have talked to in the last week. Be careful!!

  • Lake cascade Ice fishing 2/22/17

    Good news and Bad news.  The yellow perch fishing is good. Last weekends tournament captured many 2 pound plus perch. The bad news is that the access areas are very wet and you may not be able to get to the ice because of open water. Rains over the weekend caused the lake to rise and the ice has moved offshore in spots.  Blue heron has about 20 ft of open water, the cascade ramp has several feet of open water. Poison cr. is very slushy. The ice itself is still thick you may not be able to get there. Rubber boots or planks to walk on may work.

  • Pink girl, black sled - ice fishing in Panhandle of Idaho

    Ice Fishing in the Panhandle

    Winter certainly has been cold and snowy in the Panhandle this year.  Shoveling snow and contending with slippery roads can make winter a less than pleasant time for many people.  Fortunately, the winter has also provided a good ice fishing season that many anglers have gotten out and enjoyed.  In fact, ice conditions this year have been better than normal.  Our coldest weather is likely behind us, but ice fishing could hold up for a while if the weather cooperates.  If ice fishing is something you enjoy or maybe want to give a try, consider taking advantage of the opportunity before it fad

  • Lake Cascade Ice Fishing Report 2/10/17

    Ice conditions have improved as of today Friday 2/10/17. Heavy rains reduced the slush layer and have made a harder ice layer. Anglers were using 4-wheelers today to get around just about everywhere on the reservoir. The rain did make the parking areas pretty slick with ice and rain wash out areas.

    A ice fishing tournament is taking place on the reservoir this weekend using the Cascade City ramp access, so it may be tougher parking.

    Fishing pressure was light this past week. anglers are finding nice perch but not large numbers.

Yellow Perch

Perca flavescens

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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