Pacific Lamprey


  • eDNA Sample Collection

    Environmental DNA (eDNA) Reveals Pacific Lamprey Distribution in Idaho

    Did you know determining a species distribution can be as easy as taking a water sample? Recently, IDFG crews collected environmental DNA (eDNA) samples to help fisheries biologists and managers understand Pacific Lamprey distribution in the Snake River downstream of Hell's Canyon Dam. The USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station, in Missoula, has organized a project that will process the samples and report the findings.  IDFG's collections will be added to other samples taken across Idaho to help agencies get a better understanding of current lamprey distribution not just below Hell's Canyon D

  • Pacific Lamprey MKNC

    Pacific Lamprey on Display at MK Nature Center

    Just in time for Halloween, five Pacific Lamprey arrived at the MK Nature Center from the Nez Perce Fisheries Program.

    Yes, they do suck blood! But they do so only while in the ocean.  These Lamprey will be overwintering at the Nature Center, and like all Lamprey, are done eating after leaving the ocean.

Pacific Lamprey

Entosphenus tridentatus

Endangered, Protected Nongame
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