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Idaho Fish and Game


Welcome to Idaho Fish and Game’s 'State of Deer and Elk'


Hunters can learn about deer and elk management and be involved in the season-setting process

The State of Deer and Elk is an opportunity for hunters to learn how biologists gather data about these important and iconic animals and use that information to manage healthy, sustainable populations that provide excellent hunting opportunity. 

Equally important, it’s a way for hunters and others interested in deer and elk management to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas, which is timely because in March the Fish and Game Commission will set the 2023-24 Big Game Hunter Seasons and Rules.

Fish and Game staff will share information about deer and elk management in a series of articles and videos. People can go on a dedicated webpage, and submit their questions, which will be answered via email and shared with other viewers. People can also sign up for State of Deer and Elk media releases and have them emailed directly to them. 

Stay tuned for the next installment where Fish and Game Wildlife Research Manager Shane Roberts will show how Fish and Game uses GPS collars to better understand deer and elk movements and migrations, and how biologists use that data to determine which herds make up a local population.

Fish and Game staff's goal is to open a discussion with hunters and share information, which will lead to a better understanding of wildlife management and more engagement with hunters in setting future deer and elk hunting seasons.


The State of Deer and Elk

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