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Trout stocking at Fernan Lake gets a big boost for spring and beyond

Anglers can expect truly exceptional fishing with double the number of 12-inch trout headed to one of the Panhandle’s most popular lowland lakes

Looking west over Fernan Lake
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Kiira Siitari/IDFG

More fish for anglers, and bigger ones, are headed to Fernan Lake in April. Sound too good to be true and wondering what's the catch? The catch is rainbow trout, and Fernan Lake anglers will be reeling in more trout in 2019 than ever before.

Thanks to statewide increases in rainbow trout production at Idaho Fish and Game hatcheries, fishery managers are able to increase fish stocking at several of northern Idaho’s favorite fishing destinations, including Fernan Lake. Fish and Game's fisheries staff aims to double the number of trout stocked this year in an effort to provide excellent fishing at this popular lake just east of Coeur d'Alene. 

Around 30,000 rainbow trout averaging 12 inches will be stocked into Fernan during five stocking events. Anglers can expect 12,000 trout to be stocked during the week of April 8 to kick off the fishing season, then 6,000 trout each month during May, June and September. 

Not only will anglers see more trout stocked into Fernan, but those fish will also be larger than the 8 to 10-inch trout traditionally stocked into larger lowland lakes. 

Fish and Game researchers found that 12-inch trout are a better bang for the anglers’ buck: stocking fewer larger trout results in similar catch rates for anglers because more trout end up on hooks when they’re stocked at a larger size.  Plus, anglers prefer the larger fish.  Fernan Lake is getting the best of both worlds – bigger fish and more of them.    

Fernan Lake also offers anglers a mixed fishery for both coldwater and warmwater species. The fishery is very popular because it is close to town, has great shoreline and boat access, and supports a diverse and productive fishery. Trout fishing in Fernan Lake can be enjoyed from the bank, or trolling from a boat, making it accessible to any angler. 

Check out Fish and Game’s fish stocking schedule to see when Fernan and other Idaho lakes will be stocked next.