Press Release

Spring Steelheading Looking Good

The steelhead action has moved upstream for spring anglers.

Steelheading is considered good whenever the hours spent to catch a fish (averaged) is 20 or under. Anglers were averaging only 10 hours per fish on the South Fork of the Clearwater on February 26 and 27. The Upper Clearwater was producing at a slower pace, 21 hours per fish, while time spent on the Lower Clearwater was all the way up to 43 hours per fish. Fishing was also slow on the Snake River.

The upper reaches of the Salmon River was the other good place to be. With water temperatures 38-40 degrees and clear, anglers were catching steelhead at the rate of one for 11 hours of effort in the Northfork stretch. Near the Lemhi River the rate was 12 hours per fish and at the mouth of the Pahsimeroi the rate was 13 hours per fish.

Steelhead anglers need a valid tag as well as a fishing license.