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Sporting Dog Pond reopens at Edson Fichter Nature Area in Pocatello

Pond provides a place to train dogs, or just let them swim

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Edson Fichter Nature Area is managed by Idaho Fish and Game and known for its fishing pond filled with rainbow trout, trails for walking and biking, and plenty of open space for wildlife watching. Now, it’s also a great place to train your waterfowl dog, or to let your playful pup take a dip in the newly restored dog pond.

The dog pond, located immediately to the south of the community fishing pond, was one of the first amenities offered at Edson Fichter Nature Area, and it was created for the purpose of providing hunters a place to train their retrievers. Problems with the pond’s liner leaking prevented it from holding water, but now it's been repaired. 

Thanks to the efforts of Fish and Game staff and volunteers, the newly-lined dog pond is ready for your tail-wagging companions to get out for some swimming and retrieving practice. The pond is less than half an acre in size and reaches a depth of 12 feet on the north end. The dog pond is in a designated recreation area where people can train or exercise their dogs off leash.

Here are some rules for use of the dog pond so that all visitors, including those on four paws, can have a fun and safe experience.

  • The dog pond is for dogs only. People cannot swim in the dog pond. Swimming by dogs and people is also prohibited in the fishing pond.
  • Dogs using the dog pond under the supervision of their owners do not have to be on leash. The dog pond is part of a smaller recreation area that is a “no-leash zone” set-aside for people who are training or otherwise recreating with their dogs. However, dogs must be leashed in other areas of Edson Fichter Nature Area, including at the fishing pond. Visitors can refer to the signs and maps posted at the nature area for clarification.
  • No boats or float tubes are allowed on the dog pond. Same is true for the fishing pond.
  • There is no fishing at the dog pond. That’s what the fishing pond is for!
  • Know your dog’s limits with its physical activity and swimming abilities.
  • Please pick up after your dog.

There are a few more finishing touches to be applied to the dog pond and its immediate surroundings next spring, but otherwise, it’s ready now for you and your “best friend” to enjoy some last minute fall fun.