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The Silent Secret of Snakes; Last Chance before Hibernation

Do snakes have legs? What kinds of snakes live in Idaho? Where has George, the Nature Center's gopher snake been? Do boa constrictors live in Idaho? These and other snake questions, including rattlesnake awareness and outdoor safety, will be answered Saturday, November 12, at the MK Nature Center at 600 South Walnut St., Boise. Wildlife educators Frank Lundburg and Scott Smith will present the program with the help of native and exotic snakes and lizards, including rattlesnakes, at 1 pm at the Nature Center. Because the presentation includes live animals, seating is limited and on a first-come, first served basis. To offset expenses, an entrance fee of $5 per person will be charged. Children under 3 will be admitted free, but the program is recommended for adults and older children. The program will include discussion and identification of selected native and exotic snakes and lizards, including the western rattlesnake. Participants will be able to view and touch various snakes and lizards from around the world including the endangered Gila monster from the southwestern United States. Lundburg educates the public on topics such as the care and safe handling of reptiles as well as the natural history of the animals. Saturday's program at the Nature Center will have something of interest for all ages and family members. The Nature Center opens at 11 a.m. so visitors may enjoy other center displays. Outdoor exhibits, open sunrise to sunset, include a stream and pond with native fish and wildlife. The Nature Center is well known for its large glass windows that offer an underwater view of large trout and other fish. For information contact the MK Nature Center at 208-334-2225.