Press Release

See Boise River improvement project happen in 2-minute time lapse

Project provides better fish habitat for trout below Barber Dam

Crews added boulders and “engineered” log jams to break up the current and benefit fish. 

More structure in the river provides a variety of habitat. It breaks up the current and provides places for fish to rest, shady areas that hold cooler water, and wood that hides young trout, as well as food for insects that in turn feed trout. 

According to Regional Fisheries Manager Joe Kozfkay, before Boise existed, the river was broad, multi-channeled, dynamic and complex. 

“As development encroached and flood reduction was needed, the channel was altered gradually over time into something more straight and simple. For the most part, fish prefer the former, especially trout,” he said. 

You can read about the whole project in this press release from November. 

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Photo by Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game