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Idaho Fish and Game

Residents Can Buy Nonresident Tags

Beginning September 1, resident hunters can buy nonresident deer and elk tags. The tags will be sold at nonresident prices, $235 for deer and $338.50 for elk, and can be used as a second tag. The new program is expected to be especially popular with hunters who enjoy going to different areas of Idaho. Fish and Game Commissioner Don Clower said he looks forward to taking a mule deer early in the fall in southern Idaho, then using a nonresident tag to bag a whitetail in the Clearwater Region in the late hunt. Tags will not be available for areas where a quota has sold out. This includes the southeast Idaho deer tag and elk B tags in the Lolo and Selway zones and A and B tags in the Middle Fork Zone. Tags are available at all Fish and Game offices and at the selected vendors listed at in theWhat's New section. The location of vendors for these tags in any area is also available at regional offices or the licenses section at headquarters, 334-3717. The tags can be ordered through the Fish and Game telephone contract sales service at 1-800-554-8685. As of August 25, there were 6,714 nonresident deer tags available, 760 Panhandle elk tags and 814 elk tags which could be designated to other zones.