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Algae in north Hayden Lake

Public health advisories issued for algae blooms in Fernan Lake and parts of Hayden Lake


Panhandle Health District and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality have issued public health advisories for toxic algae blooms in Fernan Lake and parts of Hayden Lake.

Anglers planning to fish Hayden Lake or Fernan Lake should be aware of the public health advisories recently issued by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and Panhandle Health District.  Full details of the advisory for Fernan Lake can be found here and for Hayden Lake can be found here.  Questions about the advisories should be directed to Panhandle Health at (208) 415-5108 or DEQ at (208) 769-1422.

The advisories were issued in response to toxic algae blooms in each lake.  Toxic algae blooms are becoming more common during the hot, dry months of summer as water quality conditions decline.  Updated information on algae blooms in northern Idaho can be found here.


Fishing in lakes with advisories is safe, and fish can be safely harvested.  If anglers choose to harvest fish, we suggest following Panhandle Health recommendations to remove all fat, skin, and organs before cooking, since toxins are more likely to collect in those tissues.

If fishing in lakes with advisories is a concern, Idaho is home to many other great fishing opportunities!  Check out our Idaho Fishing Planner to plan your next trip.  Also make sure to check out our fish stocking schedules across the state so you time your trip just right.

Contact your local Idaho Fish and Game Regional office for more information on fishing opportunities across the state.