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Idaho Fish and Game

Nonresident Salmon License Changes May 1

As part of the new Fish and Game license legislation that goes into effect May 1, nonresident salmon and steelhead anglers will see two changes to current law. Those changes affect the three-day nonresident license only. One change allows holders of this license to fish for resident fish, such as trout. Prior to the change, the license was good for salmon and steelhead only. The second change entitles the license holder to the salmon and steelhead bag and possession limits allowable by Fish and Game Commission regulation. Before the change, nonresident holders of the three-day license could take only two salmon or two steelhead. This means that, for example, a nonresident license holder could harvest three spring chinook on each of two days and have a total of six spring chinook in possession. The limits will be whatever the Commission sets for the three-day period the license is valid. The changes may be of particular interest now because a limited season on spring chinook appears possible in Idaho this year, perhaps beginning in early May.