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New hunters can get hunter education certification online or attend courses in September

People can now get fully certified through the online course

New hunters interested in getting their Hunter Education certification can do so in person through courses held throughout the state in September and early October, or complete the online course and get certified without having to attend a field day. 

To see a list of courses available go to the Hunter Education webpage

Traditionally, students who took the online Hunter Education course were required to attend a field day to get certified, but that requirement has been temporarily waived to allow people 9 years or older to pass the online course only and be immediately eligible to buy a hunting license. The online course costs $24.50 and can be taken at

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While an online course is convenient for some people, taking the Hunter Education Course in person is a tradition for many Idaho families. It provides the opportunity for students to be to taught by an experienced hunter who teaches Idaho-specific topics, such as local regulations, animal identification and hands-on training for gun-safety skills. 

Beckley recognizes the value of the online classes, but also the benefits of new hunters learning from experienced hunters. 

“We have a great group of instructers with combined decades of experience, and they've shown thousands of new hunters how to take their first hunting seasons in the field safely and with confidence,” Beckley said. 


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