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Local ponds and lakes in the Salmon Region provide great fishing destinations this Memorial Day Weekend

Ponds and lakes provide a safe bet for catching fish

Fishing should be good over the Memorial Day weekend in the Salmon Region, but anglers should be mindful that cool temperatures and late spring rain and snow have extended high flows of many rivers and streams. Driving to higher-elevation lakes may be challenging to impossible. Yet, there’s plenty of fishing to be had for those looking to cast a line.

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Parents can watch their youngster’s eyes light up as they hook a feisty rainbow trout at many close to home and kid-friendly fishing spots. The following waters have already been heavily stocked and are geared toward families wanting to catch fish.

Kids Creek Pond, located in Salmon, has a fishing dock, restrooms, and pavilion with picnic tables, making this a convenient fishing hole for those short on time.

Hyde Creek Pond is a small irrigation pond that provides good bank fishing for beginning anglers. This pond is located on private property south of Salmon on the road to the Sunset Heights subdivision. Remember to be respectful and clean up any litter before you leave.

Hayden Creek Pond is another popular family fishing hole with a picnic shelter, tables, grills and restroom. The 1.7 acre pond is about 24 miles south of Salmon on Highway 28 and three mile up the Hayden Creek Road. Because of spring water that feeds the pond makes great habitat, the fish that don't get caught right away continue to grow, giving anglers an opportunity to catch some larger trout as the summer progresses.

Anglers looking for more of an adventure should try Williams Lake, located only 30 minutes southwest of Salmon. This scenic, 180-acre lake provides good fishing for feisty wild rainbows in the 12 to 16-inch range. Good bank angling can be found on the northwest portions of the lake near the public boat ramp and day-use area. When the fishing fun wears off, a nearby hiking trailhead (about a half mile west of the boat ramp) leads to the south side of the lake and provides a great place for kids to explore.

Blue Mountain Meadow Pond, located next to the golf course in Challis, is a great place to spend the day fishing. Kids will love it here, plus the area provides good access for persons with disabilities. Anglers will enjoy fishing from the banks and having a family picnic at one of the pond's sheltered picnic tables.

Mosquito Flat Reservoir, located northwest of Challis, is a mountain lake that offers a beautiful place for a weekend fishing retreat. Known for plentiful rainbow trout, Mosquito Flat has also been stocked with sterile kokanee. Anglers will find good catch rates whether fishing from shore or a small boat. Currently, the best driving route to the lake is the Garden Creek-Challis Motorway, as a landslide has damaged the Challis Creek Road and only four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended.

Squaw Creek Pond is a small seasonal pond located about three miles west of Clayton, north of the Salmon River. The area provides easy access, restroom, and plenty of bank fishing space. Recent deepening and improvements to the pond’s outlet makes this a great fishing location through early summer, when the water is usually drawn down for irrigation.

Remember to keep it simple when fishing with kids. Using simple set-ups like worm/marshmallow combinations or Power Bait near the bottom or below a bobber will usually work well.

For more information on local fishing opportunities, contact the Fish and Game office in Salmon at 208-756-2271 or visit the Idaho Fishing Planner.