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Magic Valley trout growers donate thousands of live trout for anglers to catch

Winter anglers in southern Idaho will have more opportunity to pursue rainbow trout because of donations from local fish producers.

If you’re an angler looking for a winter escape, you are in luck. Local trout processors have an over abundance of fish due to declining markets. Despite the unfortunate business circumstances, many producers donate their fish to Fish and Game to bolster public angling opportunities across southern Idaho.

In mid-January, over 40,000 rainbow trout were stocked in two locations in the Magic Valley Region. The Bell Rapids stretch of the Snake River received 40,000 rainbow trout from the Jones Fish Farm, managed by Jim Mowry. These fish are all well over one pound in size, making them an excellent size for anglers to catch and eat.

During the same week, the College of Southern Idaho aquaculture program donated 500 rainbow trout that were stocked into Rock Creek within Rock Creek Park near Twin Falls. 

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Josh Royse

Young anglers having a great day on the Snake River near Bell Rapids.

“While it’s an unfortunate business situation for our aquaculture partners in the Magic Valley, the donation of these large rainbow trout to Idaho anglers is an incredible opportunity for additional winter and spring fishing,” Regional Fisheries Manager Mike Peterson said. “We truly appreciate our local producer’s willingness to make these fish available to Idaho angers.”

According to Peterson, there will be additional fish donated and stocked throughout southern Idaho in the coming weeks. For additional information about fishing opportunities in the Magic Valley Region contact the regional office at (208) 324-4359.

To see more information about where Fish and Game is stocking fish, see the fish stocking webpage