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Learn about native trout and where to find them

Group highlights two of Idaho's prized trout species

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Connor McClure/University of Idaho

Two species of Idaho fish are the subject of a fascinating series by the Western Native Trout Initiative, a private/public collaboration that partners to conserve native trout and their habitat in the West. 

The initiative recently released the second season of its “Chasing Natives” e-newsletters, which feature two of Idaho’s native trout: the Redband and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout. 

The articles have tons of information on how you can plan an adventure to catch some of the West’s coolest native trout. You can check out the species featured in Season 2 on the Chasing Natives landing page! You can pick one series, or all three of them, and get tips and tricks about native trout from New Mexico to Alaska and everything in between. 

For more information on WNTI, and their efforts to help conserve native trout, check them out on Facebook or Instagram as well.