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F&G removes grizzly that frequented campground near Island Park

Bear had been trapped and relocated, but returned to the campground area

In order to protect public safety, Idaho Fish and Game officials on July 20 lethally removed a sub-adult male grizzly bear from near the Forest Service Mill Creek Campground in the Island Park area. Fish and Game staff were assisted by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Forest Service personnel.

The bear had become habituated to humans and the Mill Creek/Rancho McCrea area over the last month. Fish and Game staff attempted to use hazing techniques to encourage the bear to leave the area. On July 11, the bear was captured, radio-collared, and relocated to a new area, but it immediately returned to the Mill Creek area.

Fish and Game staff was in the process of setting a trap and capture equipment on July 20, but after multiple attempts to haze the bear away, public safety concerns necessitated the need for the bear to be lethally removed. 

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Grizzly Bear
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Idaho Department of Fish and Game- Panhandle Region

Grizzly Bear with huckleberries in the background