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Hunters: Know what hunting units have Motorized Hunting Rule restrictions

There are 30 big game hunting units that have motorized restrictions in place

Hunters are reminded that the Motorized Hunting Rule is specific to hunting big game animals, including moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat, in designated units, and applies from Aug. 30 through Dec. 31. ATVs, UTVs, e-bikes, and other off-road motor vehicles are restricted to roads that are built, maintained, approved or designated by any governmental entity or private landowner for the purpose of travel by full-sized automobiles.

For the past 20 years, Idaho Fish and Game has been regulating the use of motorized vehicles during big game hunting dates. Hunter conflict, noise disruptions, off-trail use, and access to closed areas were all taken into consideration by the Fish and Game Commission to determine these restrictions. 

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Hunters are also reminded that some trails and routes will be open to other motorized recreationists who are not hunting. There are exceptions to the rule:

  • Hunters may use a motorized vehicle to retrieve downed game if such travel is allowed by the land owner or manager.
  • Hunters may use a motorized vehicle to pack camping equipment in or out if such travel is allowed by the land owner or manager. However, hunters may not hunt while packing camping equipment.

When in doubt, stay on the road. Know and follow the vehicle use restrictions for the area you are hunting, have applicable maps, and print off our Motorized Hunting Rule brochure. For more details on motorized travel and the Motorized Hunting Rule, read pages 104-106 in the 2021 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Rules booklet.

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