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Idaho Fish and Game

tight shot of corn from deer damage depredation November 2007

Hunters are reminded that baiting is illegal for all big game except black bears and wolves


Illegally baiting can lead to a citation and loss of hunting privileges

Hunters are reminded it is illegal to bait big game in Idaho except for black bears and wolves in accordance with all appropriate baiting rules, and illegal baiting can lead to a citation and loss of hunting privileges.

From page 98 of the 2021 Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules: It is unlawful to hunt any game animal/bird by means of baiting with the exception of applicable rules for the black bear baiting permit and gray wolf trapping (see black bear and wolf sections). Bait is defined as any substance including grain, salt in any form (liquid or solid), or any other substance placed to attract game animals/birds, except synthetic liquid scent for deer and elk.