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Free Fishing Day in Southeast Idaho

Saturday, June 9 is Free Fishing Day. No fishing license is needed to fish in any open season fishing water. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game invites anglers of all ages to take advantage of this day and go fishing! Regional Fisheries Manager Richard Scully says, "Free fishing day is just that, a day to go fishing for those interested in learning how at little cost. Give it a try." Free fishing day this year should be a little different. Scully says, "This year should be a good one for Free Fishing Day anglers. Water levels in reservoirs and streams are lower then usual for June. Fish are abundant. That's good news for free fishing day anglers as fish will be more likely to bump into baits on the end of fishing lines." In addition some reservoirs will be open to public fishing salvage. Limits have been removed from Hawkins Reservoir in Bannock County, Chesterfield Reservoir in Caribou County and Johnson Reservoir in Franklin County because of drought stricken irrigation water supply. Anglers need to remember that limits and other rules apply on Free Fishing Day at other waters. Fish and Game personnel and reservists will be on hand to give special help to new anglers with their fishing skills at Rose Pond near Blackfoot, Grace Hatchery Pond near Niter/Grace and at Kelley Kids Pond at Soda Springs. Fishing rods and reels will be available to check out and use for the day at these locations between 9 am and 3 pm. In addition, rods and reels can be checked out for the weekend from the Fish and Game regional office, 1345 Barton Road, Pocatello, on Friday, June 8 during office hours 8 am - 5 pm. For more information regarding Free Fishing Day, contact Fish and Game at the Pocatello office (232-4703).