Press Release

Fish salvage order issued for Mormon and Fish Creek reservoirs

Due to extreme drought conditions impacting reservoir water levels, fish salvage orders have been put into place for Mormon and Fish Creek reserviors.

The Magic Valley Regional Office of Fish and Game has been monitoring the water level and temperatures at different locations within the region and have found conditions in some reservoirs no longer suitable for fish survival. (Fish managers face difficult choices when high heat threatens fish) In response, a fish salvage order is now in place for both Mormon and Fish Creek reservoirs.

The Director of Fish and Game has ordered that bag and possession limits be removed on Mormon Reservoir effective July 1, 2021. Low snow pack and delivery of the reservoir’s entire active storage capacity have necessitated this action.

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Idaho Fish and Game

Extreme low water in Mormon Reservoir due to ongoing drought conditions.

The Director has also ordered that bag and possession limits be removed on Fish Creek Reservoir effective July 7, 2021. Low water levels, diminished delivery of in-stream flows and elevated water temperatures have combined to create unsuitable conditions for cold-water fish within the reservoir.

In both reservoirs, fish are expected to perish due to extremely warm weather temperatures and forecasted conditions.  

A valid 2021 fishing license is required to salvage fish.

Fish may be taken by any method, except by firearms, chemicals or electric current.   

If you have questions contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.