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Idaho Fish and Game

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Fish and Game seeks comments on several proposed rule changes


Idaho Fish and Game is launching a negotiated rule making process and wants to hear from the public concerning six proposed rule changes.

Summaries of the rule proposals include:

Nonresident Tag Limit and Outfitter Allocation in Unlimited Control Hunts: Create authority for non-outfitted nonresident tag limits in unlimited controlled hunts and to provide for outfitter allocation in unlimited controlled hunts.

Bighorn sheep Auction and Lottery Tags: Modify wording that restricts auction tag and lottery tag holders from hunting in Unit 11 during alternate years to “Controlled Hunt Area 11” to avoid having multiple tag holders from hunting in those portions of Hunt Area 11 that fall outside Unit 11 (i.e., Units 13 and 18).

Allow use of bait for purpose of hunting wolves: Develop rules to allow use of bait to hunt wolves in game management units and seasons to be set by Commission proclamation.

Prohibit use of trail cameras and electronic two-way communication as an aid to hunting big game: Develop rules to prohibit use of trail cameras, especially, but not limited to, livestream or other transmission of other real-time imagery, and the use of electronic communication (cellular phone call, texting, two-way radio communication) as an aid to hunting big game. This rule is not intended to prevent the use of telemetry or GPS collars on sporting dogs.

Revise provisions for Special Needs Big Game Hunt and Disabled Veteran Special Big Game Hunt tags: Develop rules to establish an application period and process for awarding tags if applications exceed number of tags available. Currently, these tags are issued first-come, first-served. Consider restricting these tag holders from hunting in controlled hunts with 5 or fewer tags.

Additional information, including complete text of the proposed changes and how to submit comments, is available on the Fish and Game website at:

The public comment period will run July 5 through July 26, 2017.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has authority to adopt seasons and administrative rules. Seasons are related to limits, size, sex and harvestable species and do not require legislative approval. Administrative rules include legal equipment definitions, controlled hunt requirements, allowable method of take, possession requirements, and tag quotas. Any administrative rule must be published in the Administrative Bulletin for public comment and must be upheld by the Idaho Legislature to become a final rule.