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Idaho Fish and Game

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Fish and Game asks for public comment for Murtaugh Lake tiger muskie introduction


Public comment period is open until September 30, 2022.

A recent fisheries survey in Murtaugh Lake near Murtaugh, Idaho found high numbers of common carp, Utah chub, and Utah sucker that have limited the amount of sport fish available to anglers. With few game-fish present, Fish and Game biologists have proposed introducing tiger muskie into the lake.

Tiger muskie are a sterile hybrid of a Northern pike and muskellunge and are named for their distinct tiger stripe patterns. A fish native to the Great Lakes region, tiger muskie are a top predator and feed mainly on fish. Tiger muskie are a sterile hybrid species, which makes them an ideal candidate to take advantage of the abundant non-game fish available and produce a unique trophy angling opportunity.

Tiger muskie have been stocked throughout a variety of waterbodies in Idaho in the past and the species has become sought after by anglers due to their fierce attitude and potential to grow to an impressive size, some over 40 inches. For reference, the Idaho state record tiger muskellunge was caught in Little Payette Lake in 2013 and measured 52.5 inches long and weighed 44.25 pounds! The opportunity to catch one of these impressive fish in our state is truly unique. As such, the stocking of this species is being proposed in Murtaugh Lake to benefit both the resource and to provide anglers with the unique angling opportunity.

Idaho Fish and Game is currently welcoming comments on the proposal. If you have any questions about this proposal; or would like to provide comments, please contact the fisheries staff at the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.

Public comments will be accepted until September 30, 2022.