Press Release

Fish and Game’s online sales and hunter reports are back with extra security

Online license sales halted in August after contractor's system was hacked.

People once again can buy Idaho hunting and fishing licenses and tags online, but they will have to establish a user name and password to get entrance into the system.

The Mandatory Hunter Report is also available, and can be accessed without a user identification or password. (Direct link:

Idaho Fish and Game was notified in August that some of its license holders may have had their personal information released due to a data breach experienced by its online license vendor, Active Networks. 

As soon as the department was notified, the online system was taken down to prevent further loss of information and make the site more secure. 

“We realize adding user identification requires a little more effort to log on, and it’s another password to remember, but we think the trade-off of having another layer of protection for our hunters’ and anglers’ personal information is worth it,” said Michael Pearson, Chief of Administration. 

After hunters and anglers create a unique user name and password, they can then buy a license and tag online. Similar to other online vendors, this user identification and password are required each time they go online to buy an item using the website. 

Here’s a link to buy licenses and tags. If sportsmen and women do not want to log into the new system to purchase items, they can still visit one of the more than 380 vendors around the state, or call 1-800-554-8685.