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Idaho Fish and Game

Cascade ice sampling notice sign3.jpeg

F&G conducting winter fish survey on Lake Cascade in January


Holes larger than 10 inches in diameter will be cut in ice to deploy sampling gear, clearly marked

Attention Cascade ice anglers: This winter, Fish and Game will be conducting fisheries surveys on Lake Cascade with partners at the University of Idaho. These surveys are part of an ongoing graduate study evaluating seasonal changes in diet and growth of perch, bass, and pikeminnow in Lake Cascade.

Bryce Marciniak poses with perch in front of University of Idaho buoys on Lake Cascade

To conduct these surveys, holes larger than 10 inches in diameter will be cut with saws to deploy sampling gears in several locations across the lake. These areas will be clearly marked with ice shanties, bright orange paint, and descriptive signs until the survey is complete and the holes refreeze. 

A sign notifying anglers of a hole in the ice and associated scientific sampling taking place on Lake Cascade in January 2023.

For more information about Lake Cascade and other fisheries in the McCall subregion, visit or contact the McCall Fish and Game office at (208) 634-8137, Regional Fisheries Biologist, or Regional Fisheries Manager