Press Release

Chinook fishing season remains open on Lower Salmon and Little Salmon rivers

Fisheries managers are monitoring the Chinook run to see if more fishing can be allowed.

Anglers should refer to the 2019 spring Chinook salmon seasons and rules brochure for other rules and special restrictions, which is available online and in paper form at Fish and Game regional offices. 

Fisheries managers are forecasting a run of about 32,000 spring Chinook through Lower Granite Dam, which is about 25 miles downstream from Lewiston and the last of the eight dams that returning salmon cross on their way back to Idaho.

Included in the forecast are about 26,000 hatchery Chinook and 6,000 wild Chinook. Forecasts are a starting point for managing Chinook returns, and they will be adjusted as fish migrate through the river systems. The number of days open to fishing are set according to the projected sport anglers' share for each fishery.

Because the forecasted Chinook return for the Salmon River basin is about 8,700 fish, and the sport anglers’ share would be 1,430 fish this year, fishing will be open Thursday through Sunday, with a daily limit of four total fish, only two of which may be adults. 

Only hatchery Chinook with a clipped adipose fin may be kept by anglers, and all others must be released unharmed. Chinook anglers are restricted to barbless hooks. 

Waters open to fishing:

Clearwater River drainage — Closed until further notice

Salmon River drainage — open Thursday through Sunday

  • Rice Creek Bridge to Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp
  • Entirety of Little Salmon River

Snake River — closed